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The Hurt Business imploded with two members being kicked out of the group on last night’s episode of Raw.

After Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander failed to take out Drew McIntyre in a two-on-one handicap match the previous week, Lashley berated them last night for not being able to get the job done. Lashley said he refuses to associate himself with incompetence. MVP gave Benjamin and Alexander the chance to speak, and Benjamin said Lashley wouldn’t even be WWE Champion without them. Things then broke down into a brawl that ended with Lashley laying Benjamin out. Lashley said The Hurt Business is over when it comes to Benjamin and Alexander.

Later in the show, Lashley defeated Benjamin in a singles match. Lashley vs. Alexander will take place on Raw’s WrestleMania 37 go-home show next week.

Lashley put a bounty out on McIntyre after Benjamin & Alexander were unable to defeat him last Monday. Lashley said that if anyone could take out McIntyre before WrestleMania 37, they’d get a WWE Championship shot against Lashley at WrestleMania instead. McIntyre dared anyone to try and cash in on the bounty. He confronted wrestlers in the locker room and wrestled twice on last night’s show, defeating Ricochet and Mustafa Ali.

McIntyre called out Lashley after defeating Ali in the main event. They went back and forth on the microphone and then started brawling. McIntyre sent Lashley out of the ring, but McIntyre was then attacked by SmackDown’s Baron Corbin. McIntyre tried to fight back against Corbin but was dropped with the Deep Six. Lashley then put McIntyre in the Hurt Lock three times and posed with the WWE Championship as the show went off the air. 

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