March 25th, 2020
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WWE NXT is set to air at 8/7c on USA Network.

Austin Theory vs. Tyler Breeze

They jockey for position to start. Theory gets the advantage to start. Much of the match’s beginning centers around Breeze & Theory trash talking each other. Breeze counters Theory and toys with him. Theory sends Breeze to the outside. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, Theory gets a nearfall off Three Seconds Around the World. Theory brawls with Breeze around the ring. Breeze comes back an gets a nearfall off a Superkick. Theory comes back with a Brainbuster onto knee. Theory continues to punish Breeze. Theory takes a cellphone video of himself hitting his finishing move, giving Breeze time to recover and hit a Spinning Wheel Kick for the pinfall in 13:24.

WINNER: Tyler Breeze.

Killian Dain vs. Tehuti Myles

Dain just tosses Myles around the ring. Dain tosses Myles out of the ring. Dain tosses Myles into the steps. Dain tosses Myles back in the ring. Dain gets a nearfall off a side suplex.

Myles comes back with a dropkick to no avail. Dain hits a Samoan Drop. Dain hits a Senton. Dain hits a Vaderbomb for the pinfall in 3:43.

WINNER: Killian Dain

Cameron Grimes vs. Tony Nese

Grimes and Nese spend much of the opening feeling each other out. Grimes gets the advantage early. Nese comes back with a hot shot. Nese gets a nearfall off a Springboard Moonsault. Grimes counters a Dudebuster. Grimes hits a forearm. Cameron Grimes pinsTony Nese via Carolina Caveman in 5:37.

WINNER: Cameron Grimes

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