source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There is some good news and bad news on the PPV front for WWE. Cyber Sunday in D.C. was not the flop that it appeared to be when the original numbers were released. WWE’s original numbers had them at 191,000 buys. The new chart lists them at 292,000 buys. Now Survivor Series on the other hand, did its worst business in years. The event only drew 325,000 worldwide buys, 200,000 of which came from North America. This is down from last year’s 383,000 & 234,000 figures. It should also be noted that WWE’s corporate website totaled 852,000 buys for PPV events held in October & November. They have 275,000 buys for No Mercy & 325,000 for Survivor Series. That would leave Cyber Sunday at 252,000 buys, so there appears to be a discrepancy somewhere. This should all be cleared in a few weeks when releases their final year-in-review financial statements in early February. They are expected to release the final worldwide numbers of all of their 2007 PPVs at that time.

— WWE’s official website has a photo gallery of memorable moments taking place at Madison Square Garden. In the caption for the picture of Jesse Ventura pointing at Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam ’88, they mistake him for Randy Savage. The caption reads: “Macho Man” Randy Savage fires up partner Hulk Hogan at Summerslam ’88.” You can see the picture & caption at this link.

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