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WWE IGN eSports Showdown Highlight Videos

WWE and IGN held an eSports Showdown tournament tonight, during which Kofi Kingston eliminated AJ Styles from the video game tourney. Below is footage of Styles reacting not so calmly to the elimination.

The WWE IGN event, which was held in New York City, was also attended by WWE star Cesaro, and New Day’s Xavier Woods acted as the Showdown’s “General Manager”.

WWE has also released a video featuring Raw star Bayley demanding a spot in the tournament, only to be interrupted by Sasha Banks. Xavier Woods ended up moderating the mic battle between Banks and Bayley:

After being told by Xavier Woods that the Bayley and Banks issue would be solved by both Raw stars choosing partners, they chose their reinforcements from the audience:

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Finally, before entering the competition, one half of the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Cesaro, resurrected Beach Ball Mania from this year’s SummerSlam, and destroyed a beach ball for the live crowd: