Video game website has posted their official review of the new WWE All Stars video game, now available at for around $50. You can read’s full review by clicking here.

Here are IGN reviewer Greg Miller’s ratings for the game (out of 10):

Presentation: (7.0) – The colors and Fantasy Warfare videos set an awesome stage, but some slowdown after matches, long loads, and the lack of a tutorial steal the thunder.

Graphics: (8.5) – I truly dig the bright, action figure visuals. It gives WWE All Stars a distinct style.

Sound: (7.5) – Commentary from J.R. and the King is fine, the classic soundtrack is great, and the voiceovers in Path of Champions are good.

Gameplay: (7.0) – The core of a strike/grapple system is solid and the way to go, but the additional levels of depth confused me and the others I played with. Needs to be a bit more arcadey and less built for experts.

Lasting Appeal: – (7.0) Outside of Fantasy Warfare’s introduction videos, the matches and modes all kind of run together but are fun. The game’s built around you just beating on friends, and sadly, online isn’t super-smooth.

OVERALL: (7.0) – Good

Closing Comments

WWE All Stars is fun — I enjoy the cartoony colors, crazy moves and ability to just jump in and play — but it has plenty to improve on for next time. A detailed tutorial is needed, the modes and matches tend to all feel the same, and online should be more responsive. Wrestling fans will have fun when they pick this one up but I don’t know how long it’ll last as it’s a bit shallow. On the flip side, the nuanced combat isn’t going to suck in players looking for a simple, arcade experience.

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