Fox News anchor Shannon Bream’s series, ‘Women of the Bible Speak’ is available now on Fox Nation, the new special serving as a video complement to her book of the same name.

Packed with fresh takes on old stories – complete with commentary from celebrity guests like Kathie Lee Gifford, Sara Evans and more – the series features women of the present lending their voices to those of the past. With each episode divided into timeless themes, the series strives to teach lessons anyone and everyone can afford to heed.

The inaugural episode recounts the story of Moses – the eventual leader of the Exodus, and universally considered to be the most important prophet in Judaism. It details Moses’ humble beginnings, having been placed in the Nile River by his family out of desperation, with the hopes it would lead him to freedom.

It’s a story with which many – Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike – are certainly familiar. But in, ‘Women of the Bible Speak,’ Bream tells the tale from a different perspective: Miriam’s.


“In the book of Exodus, we meet Miriam,” Bream narrates. “Her story is set against the backdrop of on-going oppression against the Jewish people.” Miriam, historically identified as the sister of Moses, was observed to be the one to place the infant in a “baby ark,” in what was his family’s valiant and last-ditch effort to avoid persecution from the Egyptian Pharoah. 

“The Nile is where these babies were supposed to be thrown to die,” Bream notes. “And yet, it’s where Moses got life.”

With the help of Miriam, Moses had been given a chance to save not only his own life, but the lives of many. 

But there’s much more to Miriam’s influence in Moses’ life:

“This is one of those stories in the Bible that you can see…you can feel it as it’s unfolding,” says Bream.

For the full story of Miriam, watch ‘Women of the Bible Speak’ now on Fox Nation.

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