SoCal Val has Tweeted the following:

Watch the #WWE #RoyalRumble with me at @CardiffShooters! I’ll be hosting the event (probably in something sparkly☺️✨) for @ho_wrestling & I guarantee you’ll have a blast! Get the info: #wrestling #wweuk #wweroyalrumble #WomensRoyalRumble #Cardiff

— $oCalVal (@SoCalValerie) January 8, 2018

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Woken Matt Hardy Spoofs Recent Donald Trump Claim

Over the weekend President Donald Trump posted a Tweet claiming to be a “stable genius”, and Woken Matt Hardy has spoofed the claim in the following Tweet:

I am the TRUE #StableGenius.

— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) January 8, 2018

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Mustafa Ali Defends 205 Live

WWE 205 Live star Mustafa Ali Tweeted the following, after numerous fans online criticized the 205 Live show following the cancellation of the January 19th live event:

@WWE205Live tour on Jan. 20th & 21st!

Some want to throw bricks and knock us, we’ll just catch ’em and build our foundation.

I guarantee, we will tear the house down every night.

Thanks to @_SkyHighRollins for the awesome edit!

— Mustafa Ali (@MustafaAliWWE) January 7, 2018

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