WWE has released two new video clips, the first of which features Paige revealing the first look at her new movie “Fighting with My Family”, featuring The Rock.

The movie is based on the life of The Absolution leader, and the clip features the character of Paige asking The Rock for advice as she is about to have a tryout match for WWE. The Rock proceeds to cut a classic promo on Paige, instructing her to “take no prisoners” during her WWE tryout.

HBK Not Happy With Leaked Haircut Photo

In the second video, Mike Rome catches up with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels backstage at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and during the clip HBK reacts to the ceremony and Jeff Jarrett’s induction. HBK also addresses his “controversial” haircut, which caused social media to erupt when he cut off his iconic ponytail earlier this week.

On his haircut, HBK says he is a grown man, he’s 52, and it was something he needed to get done. HBK then reveals the person who cut his hair Tweeted the photo unbeknownst to The Showstopper, and he wasn’t too pleased with learning that the photo was all over the Twitter world when he got home.

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