In an update to one of the more frequent questions we receive on a daily basis, Marty Scurll’s current contract with Ring of Honor Wrestling expires tonight at midnight, at which point he will become arguably the hottest free agent in the world.

Scurll has an agreement with Ring of Honor to work their upcoming Final Battle pay-per-view on December 13th in Baltimore, Maryland. Beyond that, it’s all about where he shows up next, and that question is not as easy an answer as many assume it would be.

The obvious destination is All Elite Wrestling, given that the company is being run by many of his friends and his rise in popularity in recent years is due in large part to Being the Elite, and him being a member of Bullet Club.

That said, Scurll ended up in AEW is not a forgone conclusion. WWE will likely make him a serious offer just to keep him away from their competition, and Ring of Honor because of their parent company does have the money to make a competitive offer if they want to keep him.

ROH also provides a gate into New Japan for a lot of people who really like working there, but the wrestling landscape is changing quickly and with New Japan making even more of a push towards western expansion in 2020, that could change.

We have also seen AEW provide language in contracts for Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho to make their own bookings in New Japan, and Scurll is a big enough star with a long enough history there that he doesn’t necessarily need the ROH relationship to make that happen.