WWE SmackDown Live Superstars, Tye Dillinger, and Mojo Rawley have been engaging in an online argument on Twitter about WWE WrestleMania.

Rawley sent a tweet saying that Tye Dillinger was jealous he had never had a WWE WrestleMania moment, claiming he would cut his hair.

Dillinger then responded to him stating he has never had a ‘Mania moment because this will be his first one, also stating that Gronk shouldn’t turn up this year as he doesn’t want him to lose two big ones in a month. Rawley then fired back by saying Dillinger has been employed since 2002 and this is his first ‘Mania.

Jealous he has a Mania Moment and you don’t? I’ll do the business a favor and give you a haircut. @WWEDillinger pic.twitter.com/Cvh7xkQlMc

— Mojo Rawley (@MojoRawleyWWE) March 1, 2018

This will be my first Mania so no, I’m not jealous. But please, do tell about all your incredible @NFL moments…don’t worry, I’ll wait. Oh, and @RobGronkowski shouldn’t show up this year, would hate for him to lose 2 big ones in a months span. https://t.co/302YjYpH5i

— TEN 🙌🏻 (@WWEDillinger) March 1, 2018

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You’ve been wrestling since 2002 & this is your 1st Mania. Womp, Womp. But while we’re talking about previous occupations: how’d your hockey career go? Ended with Junior Varsity in High School right? I guess that’s the equivalent of as much as you’ve done in @WWE. https://t.co/bZUSnJDmkK

— Mojo Rawley (@MojoRawleyWWE) March 1, 2018

Big E’s Birthday Surprise

New Day member, Xavier Woods, posted a new video to his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel of them surprising Big E for his birthday. Kofi Kingston and Woods decided to make everything five related, as a nod to E’s old gimmick. You can see the video below: