Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Traci Brooks
Date: 8/11/10
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley

Traci Brooks has been in our crazy business for the better part of a decade. But, she burst onto the scene in TNA over 7 years ago and was one of the longest running TNA Knockouts ever. In the Fall of 2009, she appeared in on Playboy’s website with a pictoral that 6,000,000 had the chance to see.

She left TNA since that time and hasn’t opened up much as to why. That is, until The Interactive Interview asked her to come back on the show!

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– Our interview with Traci Brooks begins with a discussion about being a Canadian working in the States and all the paperwork & complications involved. Traci does clarify that her having to work on this had nothing to do with her leaving TNA. She says that everything is fine, straight, & up to date.

– Traci loved doing Playboy, says it was a great experience, & was treated very well. In regards to not getting into the magazine, she puts to rest a couple of rumors. She says that she was not supposed to get the cover, so she wasn’t actually bumped off by Marge Simpson. Her being taken out of the magazine was to make room for a tribute to Farah Fawcett, who had just past away in the months leading up to the magazine’s release.

– She also says that being posted on the net was really good for her since magazine subscriptions are down and internet subscriptions are way up. She was also happy that more of her pictures got to be seen.

– There was a rumor that a new editor took over for Playboy and didn’t want wrestling women involved with Playboy, and Traci hopes that its not true since it is good publicity for the wrestling company & a great experience for the girls that get to do it.

– She didn’t get to meet Huge Heffner, but was treated extremely well from start to finish. She also says that the last day of the shoot was her birthday and they gave her a nice party.

– Traci was disappointed that she wasn’t used more by TNA during the time of her shoot. Playboy advertised for TNA, and said she was going to appear at Bound for Glory, and she wasn’t featured. She has no hard feelings towards TNA & says they were her family, but wishes things had been handled better.

– Right now, she’s having a lot of fun doing the Independents & Conventions. She points out that when she started in 2001, it was mostly just her and a handful of others, but now the women in wrestling are far more common.

– She’s never worked with Mickie James and would love to make that match happen. As for going up to WWE with her friends Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix, she says that its not something she is interested in. She also says she’s sure there would be no hard feelings over the “Cookie Gate” scene from 2004 as it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

– When talking about the current state of the Knockouts Division, she is a little surprised over the girls they’ve released. She feels like it’s a mostly blondes now and they need more variety & diversity in talents & characters. She also doesn’t thing the division is deep enough at the moment to support a set of Tag Titles.

Word Associations:

Kazarian = “Soulmate”, she also says he’s veery happy to be working in a faction with Ric Flair & AJ Styles.
ODB = “Crazy, Insane, Amazing, a True True Friend”
Awesome Kong = “Talented”
Hamada = “Amazing”
Taylor Wilde = “Incredible. Good Canadian girl”