TNA Sacrifice Results – 5/24/2009
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Richard Gray of

* Amazing Red just beat Kiyoshi to start things out tonight. Be sure and stay with us as our live coverage of TNA Sacrifice will begin at the top of the hour.

* TNA Sacrifice is now live on pay-per-view. We’re shown footage from ‘earlier today’ of Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Kurt Angle and Mick Foley arriving.

* The pyros go off inside the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome.

The MCMG, Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Lethal Consequences, Eric Young

The Motor City Machineguns come out first followed by Sheik Abdul Bashir. Eric Young comes out next. Lethal Consequences are out last for this 6-man tag team match. Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin are starting things out. They lockup and both go for opening control. Lethal takes Sabin down to the match first after both miss on high spots. Two count for Lethal. Lethal tags in Eric Young who goes off the top with a double sledge. Alex Shelley tags in but eats the mat face-first from Young. Young goes off the top and splashes on to Shelley for a two count. Consequences Creed tags in. He takes Alex Shelley down and puts him in a reverse chin lock. Alex gets back to his feet and tries to lock a sleeper on Creed. He counters as Shelley hits an elbow on Creed. Creed counters and fast-paced action follows. Elbow from Creed on Shelley for a two count. Shelly takes Creed down with a kick and tags in Sheik Abdul Bashir. Heat on Bashir as he hits right hands on Creed. Back hand chop from Bashir. Creed tries to counter but Bashir counters. Creed gains control and takes Sheik Abdul Bashir to the mat. Clothesline from Creed into a near fall. Jawbreaker from Bashir followed by clubbing blows. Bashir tags in Chris Sabin. Lethal tags in and hits a big sledge from the top onto Sabin. He follows with right hands, an elbow and a near fall. Creed tags in as he double teams Sabin with Lethal. Creed takes Bashir off the apron but Sabin uses it to his advantage. Creed and Sabin exchange blows. Shelley takes Creed out from the apron onto the outside. Creed is rolled back in by the Sheik to Chris Sabin. Sabin gets a two count.

Team Guns takes out Creed and triple-teams him. Bashir takes Creed down with a submission hold then tags in Chris Sabin. Sabin uses a top wrist lock on Creed. The Motor City Machineguns are both in the ring, working on Creed. Creed ends up fending them off but Bashir gets involved. The Guns accidentally connect on Bashir, not making him happy. Consequences Creed lands a nice kick on Bashir. Creed tags in Jay Lethal. He works over Bashir with three clotheslines. Hip toss takeover followed by a dropkick by Lethal on Bashir. Young and Creed fight off Bashir and combination flip suicide dives to the outside. Lethal takes down Bashir in the ring for the near fall. Lethal goes to the top rope but is taken out by Alex Shelley who is the new legal man. Shelley goes to the top, Creed interferes. Lethal works on Shelley on the top turnbuckle. They work up top as Shelley pushes Lethal off. Creed takes Shelley off the top right into the Lethal Combination. Shelley goes to the outside. Sheik is tripe-teamed then pinned by Lethal. Creed is knocked to the outside. EY eats a cutter by Chris Sabin. The Motor City Machineguns double team Lethal. Good reactions from the crowd. Creed hits a DDT on Bashir, Lethal gets a near fall. Great opener.

Bashir goes to the top rope, Lethal follows. Lethal works with him up top but Shelley tries to work on Lethal. Lethal and Bashir work as the Guns are into double team Lethal Consequences. They connect with dropkicks. Scoop and a slam from Shelley on EY. Bashir hits a splash off the top on Young. Bashir gets a two count on Lethal after a double team from the Motor City Machineguns. Bashir drops Lethal with the WMD Driver (reverse, behind the back piledriver). Creed made the save then takes out Bashir. Alex Shelley works on Creed but ends up taking a double team from the Guns. Creed rolls to the outside. Young eats a Guns double team. Young counters, goes for the Death Valley Driver on both Sabin and Shelley. He connects! Bashir throws him to the outside. Lethal, out of nowhere, rolls Bashir up after an assist from referee Andrew Thomas who took Bashir’s hands off the ropes.

Winners – Lethal Consequences, Eric Young

Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney
Knockouts Monster’s Ball Match

Daffney is out first with Dr. Stevie and Abyss. Taylor Wilde comes out next alone. Taylor Wilde hits a heel kick followed by elbow drops on Daffney for a two count. Daffney had a kendo stick which was knocked out of her hand. Wilde goes outside for weapons on the outside. She puts several weapons in the ring. Daffney hits Wilde with a detour sign over the head. Scoop and a slam from Daffney on the weapons in the ring. Daffney puts her foot to the throat of Taylor Wilde. Daffney whips her coast-to-coast. Wilde fights out with a right followed by a double kick. Wilde throws Daffney into a trash can in the ring. Wilde puts the trash can over Daffney then uses a hockey stick to beat the outside of it. Wilde takes the trash can off the face of Daffney and gets a pop from the crowd. Daffney counters with a blow on Wilde. Daffney fights back but Wilde counters and throws her from her shoulders on the trash can for a three count.

Winner – Taylor Wilde

After the match Dr. Stevie confronts Taylor Wilde, Daffney takes out Wilde. Dr. Stevie empties a bag of tacks in the ring. Abyss looks on from the apron. He calls Abyss in the ring. Daffney holds Wilde, under hooking her arms. Stevie tells Abyss to drop Wilde on the tacks. Stevie slaps Abyss across the face more than once. Abyss picks Wilde up as Lauren runs out. Abyss gets Wilde up for the chokeslam on the tacks. Abyss slams Lauren to the ring then eats strap shots from Stevie. Dr. Stevie threatens Lauren. Abyss drops Stevie on the tacks and the crowd pops.

Suicide (c) vs. Daniels
X Division Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA X Division Championship. Daniels, the challenger, comes to the ring first. The lights come up and Suicide is standing in the middle of the ring. Suicide pumps the crowd with the X Division Championship belt. The bell rings and we’re underway. They lockup, both trying to gain opening control. Suicide works Daniels over in the corner then gets a one count. Snap suplex from Suicide for a two count. Suicide follows with right hands. Daniels counters, hits a shoulder block off the ropes. Side headlock from Daniels on Suicide, taking him to one knee. Daniels applies a side headlock submission on Suicide in the ring. Daniels hits clubbing blows on Suicide. Suicide hits a swinging neckbreaker on Daniels followed by a dropkick. Daniels goes to the outside. Suicide hits a somersault suicide dive to the outside.

Suicide rolls Daniels back in the ring for a series of short punches. Suicide hits a leg drop and a two count. Abdominal stretch from Daniels on Suicide. Daniels strikes Suicide in the face. The crowd tries to get behind Suicide. Suicide counters out, breaking the hold. Suicide works over the back of Daniels. Uppercut from Suicide onto the Challenger. Clubbing blows from the Champion. Daniels hits a kick on Suicide off the ropes. Headbutt from Daniels, follows with another and a third. Daniels goes off the top with a moonsault and a two count. Daniels takes Suicide down and applies a chinlock on the Champion on the mat. Suicide gets back to a vertical base but eats a clothesline from Daniels followed by a two count. Don West’s commentary is terrible for this bout. Suicide springs off the middle rope onto Daniels. He follows with a clothesline, leg sweep and a leg drop. Two count for Suicide. Daniels counters again with a kick. Bridging suplex from Daniels on Suicide for a two count. Daniels backs Suicide down with back hand chops in the corner. Suicide whips Daniels into the corner. Daniels gets out of the way then slams Suicide to the mat. BME attempt from Daniels but Suicide counters. Suicide sends Daniels off the ropes but Daniels counters.

Daniels hits a knee to the head of Suicide, sending him to the outside. Daniels tries a split leg moonsault on Suicide but he counters. The fight goes up the ramp as Daniels elevates Suicide over his head, sending the Champion crashing down on the top of the ramp. Daniels waits for Suicide to get up, he runs at him and Suicide catches him on his shoulders. Suicide takes Daniels down in an ugly botched maneuver. The fight goes back to the ring with Suicide getting Daniels down for a two count. Both bang heads on shoulder block attempts. Daniels is on the outside as Chris Sabin comes out. The referee confronts Sabin on the outside. Shelley is in the ring, he hits knees to the face of Suicide. Daniels gets the attention of the referee and gets in the ring. Daniels pins Suicide for the three count.

Winner & new TNA X Division Champion – Daniels

After the match Daniels gets on the mic and says he doesn’t want the match to end this way. He asks the referee for five more minutes. The referee calls for a restart. WTF?

Suicide takes Daniels down as they bump around the ring. Daniels rolls Suicide up for a two count. He takes Suicide down but Suicide connects with a high kick. Suicide rolls Daniels up for a two count. Suicide gets a two count on Daniels. Suicide goes off the top then connects on a side roll for a two count. Daniels locks in a submission hold on Suicide. The referee checks for submission. Daniels wrenches back on the hold. Suicide rolls into a two count. Daniels picks Suicide up for a two count. Daniels sets Suicide up on the top turnbuckle. Suicide fights Daniels off and hits a dropkick. Suicide gets a two count on Daniels. Suicide takes Daniels down and gets a two count. Hurricanrana into a two count from Daniels. Daniels hits a Rock Bottom on Suicide as he goes for BME, Suicide counters. Suicide gets a two count. Knees to the face on Daniels from Suicide. Time expires before the match can end.

Suicide remains the X Division Champion

Angelina Love (c) vs. Awesome Kong
TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship. Awesome Kong, the challenger, comes out first with Raisha Saeed. TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Angelina Love comes out next alone. The bell rings and we’re underway. Kong goes right for Angelina Love. The crowd chants ‘Kong’s going to kill you’. Kong takes Love down and follows with invisible punches Shane McMahon style. Love rolls out and runs around the ring. She runs into Kong who is now on the outside as well. Love jumps over the crowd control barrier. Kong pulls her back to ringside. Kong goes to work on Love on the outside as Love tries to hold onto the crowd control barrier. Kong pounds away at the TNA Knockout Women’s Champion. Kong bounces Love’s head off the ring apron. Kong throws Love into the barrier. She swings her hard, head-first into the steel guardrail. Kong throws Love hard into the rail. It’s all Kong as the fight is on the outside. Referee Slick Johnson tries to the get the action back to the inside. Knife edge chop to the chest by Kong. Love counters with a spinning back fist. Love chops Kong down and rolls back into the ring. She tells the referee to start the count out. Kong gets back into the ring. Love attacks her in the corner, the referee tells her to back down. Love pours it on.

Love lands more offense then goes to the outside. She starts to back down the ramp but Raisha Saeed is in the way. Saeed takes her robe off and is in ring gear. Kong comes back to the outside and knocks Angelina down. Kong drags Love back to the ring. Kong lands a leg drop and doesn’t pin her. She goes back to the middle rope but misses with the splash as Angelina got out of the way. Love has spray in her hand as Saeed gets on the apron. Saeed gets taken off the apron as Kong inadvertently gets sprayed in the eyes and pinned by Love.

Winner & still TNA Knockout Women’s Champion – Angelina Love

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe
Main Event Mafia vs. TNA Frontline

Kevin Nash is first to the ring. Samoa Joe is out next with a black towel around his head. The bell rings and we’re underway. Joe and Nash lockup in the ring. Nash backs Joe into the corner and the referee breaks them up. Nash lands lefts and rights on Joe. Nash whips Joe around the ring, with leg blows and right and left hands. Nash sends Joe to the mat off the ropes as he goes for the Jackknife powerbomb. Joe reverses it, taking Nash to the mat and locking in the ankle lock. Nash grabs the ropes and the hold is broke. Joe pounds away at the face of Kevin. Samoa Joe unleashes offense in the corner and rolls Nash to the outside. Joe hits Nash on the outside, taking him down to the floor. Joe throws Nash into the crowd control barrier and follows with right hands.

Nash reverses Joe’s offense in a counter. Big Sexy throws Joe off the steel ring post and grabs a chair. Nash misses on a chair shot as Joe kicks him and goes for one of his own. He connects on Nash. Joe bounces Kevin’s head off the steel ring steps. Joe gives an intimidating look at the referee as he beats Nash with right hands. Nash is busted open as Joe gets in the ring to clear the count. Joe puts Nash back in the ring. Nash counters Joe in the corner of the ring. He throws him coast-to-coast but Joe connects with a big kick and tries the rear naked choke. Nash counters with hard right hands. Nash throws Joe into the corner. Joe goes off the middle rope with a missile dropkick on Nash into a two count. Joe looks insane, Nash is still bleeding from his forehead. Joe chokes out Nash in the ring but Nash gets to the ropes. The referee calls for the hold to be broken as Nash connects a low blow without the referee seeing. Nash hits a side slam on Joe followed by a two count. Kevin Nash lands right hands on Joe but he counters with his MMA-style punches. Joe takes Nash down and hits a Senton Back Splash. Rear naked choke applied on Nash as he reaches for the ropes. Joe pulls him back out and lands on his back. Nash taps.

Winner – Samoa Joe

Beer Money, Inc vs. The British Invasion
Finals of the Team 3D Tournament

Team 3D come out first with both of their title belts. A trophy is shown by the broadcast position. Team 3D is joining Don West and Mike Tenay on commentary. The team of Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus with Rob Terry are out first. James Storm and Robert Roode are out next. Storm is on the cooler. There is a big $100,000 check by the trophy by the broadcast position. The bell rings and we’re underway. Doug Williams and Robert Roode are starting things out. Williams applies a wrist lock on Roode that is quickly reversed. Williams is backed down by a counter. They lock in the ring as Williams works the arm of Roode. Roode gets to the ropes on the mat. Roode slaps Williams, he goes off the ropes and takes Roode down. Roode counters with a couple of clotheslines. Roode hits some backhand chops. Roode lands more offense then tags in James Storm. Inverted atomic drop by Roode followed by a side Russian leg sweep by Storm. It doesn’t last long as Williams tags in Brutus Magnus. Magnus lands offense but Storm counters and takes him down for a two count. Storm gets thrown over the ropes but he hangs on. He ends up spitting beer in the face of Magnus. Beer Money use Magnus to take out Williams. Double team on Williams ensues with a Beer Money Suplex. Roode elevates Storm out of the ring to the outside on all of the British Invasion. Beer Money to the outside to continue their attack. It’s Storm and Magnus in the ring.

Williams works on Storm outside of the ring, bouncing his head off the steel ring steps. Magnus is in the ring, Rob Terry is on the outside as well. Storm is rolled back in to eat a choke from Magnus. Williams tags in. He lands offense on Storm followed by a two count. Williams applies a sleeper on Storm but he counters out. Reverse code breaker from Storm on Williams. Magnus comes in and keeps Storm from making a tag, knocking Roode off the apron. Magnus tags in to the follow the assault. Magnus and Williams double team Storm in the ring. Storm counters out, causing a collision from the British Invasion. Roode tries to get a tag. Storm loses where he is in the ring but quickly recovers to make the tag. Roode cleans house in the ring. Roode gets a two count on Williams, Magnus makes the save. Storm gets a kick on Magnus. Rob Terry takes out Storm on the outside. Roode takes Terry out but he eats a European uppercut in the ring from Williams. Double team from British Invasion forthcoming. Roode breaks it up, Storm’s back in. Beer Money takes them out, Roode tossing Magnus to the outside. Storm hits a hurricanrana on Williams. Roode gets the cover but Terry pulls referee Earl Hebner out of the ring. Terry is ordered to the back by Hebner. It’s Storm and Williams in the ring as Roode is knocked to the outside. Williams has the Feast or Fired briefcase in the ring, Magnus has the referee distracted. Roode ends up connecting with the case with a Storm superkick in the head. Roode gets the cover on Williams for the win.

Winners – Beer Money, Inc.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T
I-Quit Match for the TNA Legends Championship

The following is an ‘I Quit’ Match for the TNA Legends Championship. Booker T, the challenger, is out first by himself. AJ Styles, the TNA Legends Champion, is out last with his hood on. Styles gets a big pop from the live crowd. The referee holds up the belt to signify it is on the line. The bell rings and we’re underway. The crowd is heavily behind AJ Styles. Mike Tenay says Booker T probably didn’t want Sharmell at ringside because of the violent ‘I Quit’ rules. Booker T pushes Styles into the corner. Styles tries to take him down, but Booker moves. Neither has the opening control. Booker works over AJ but he counters with a stiff right hands. Styles takes Booker down with a kick to the back. Booker says ‘hell no’ he isn’t going to quit in the mic held by referee Rudy Charles. AJ and Booker are back on their feet as Booker backs him into a corner and hits him. Booker kicks Styles in the midsection in the ring. Spinning kick from Booker on Styles to send him to the mat.

Booker lifts Styles up for a suplex, he counters. Styles slams Booker down to the mat. Styles drags Booker back to the middle of the ring and connects with a reverse Indian Deathlock with a chinlock. Booker won’t quit. AJ works the left leg of Booker and applies a submission hold. Booker battles out and hits a backhand chop. Booker sends AJ off the ropes but Styles counters with kicks. Booker hits the mat. Styles bounces Booker’s head off the top turnbuckle. He follows with a backhand chop, a snake eyes and another backhand chop. Booker hits the mat. Styles fights Booker off with right hands out of a suplex. AJ throws Booker into the corner. Styles tries to springboard off the ropes but Booker counters and leaves him on the apron. Booker knocks AJ to the outside. Booker to the outside. Booker T drops Styles down chest and throat first on the crowd control barrier. Styles doesn’t say anything. Booker lands more offense, AJ doesn’t quit or say anything. Booker rolls AJ back in the ring to continue his attack.

Top wristlock applied by Booker. He steps back and rams the knee into Styles. Booker lands high knee strikes to the head of Styles. Styles hits the mat. Booker chokes AJ on the mat. Styles is unable to say he quits but he doesn’t want too. Booker has Styles on the apron and hits a scissors kick. Styles rolls to the outside. The referee asks AJ if he quits, he says nothing but gasps for air. Booker follows Styles to the outside and bounces his head off the ring apron. Booker throws AJ back into the ring. Styles counters but Booker sends him back to the mat. Spin-A-Roni attempt by Booker T, he doesn’t do it and applies a wrist lock submission instead. Styles won’t quit. AJ screams in pain as Booker T wrenches back on the hold. AJ gets Booker on his shoulders and drops him to the mat. Submission hold applied by Booker when he drives him down. Style doesn’t quit but tries to bridge out. He lands a kick then rolls Booker over. Styles is on top of Booker, holding him to the mat. Booker counters and Styles favors his arm. Booker dominates the Legends Champion. They’re both to their feet and exchanging stiff blows with each other. Booker sends Styles off the ropes but Styles winds up and hits him in the face. Booker ends up eating the Pele by Styles, catching him completely unaware. Both men are down on the canvas as AJ is up first. Styles, on top of Booker, hits him in the face with right hands. Booker T gives the referee a ‘hell no’ when asked if he quits. Styles brings Booker down with right hands. Out of nowhere, Booker hits a spinebuster on the Legends Champion. Booker hits a backhand chop on AJ. Styles goes off the ropes and sends Booker T off the apron to the outside in a burst-like couter. Booker regroups on the outside as Styles slingshots into a cross-body block on the outside. Booker says ‘no’ when asked if he quits.

Fingers to the eyes of AJ by Booker. Booker tries to pound away on AJ but Styles counters and throws him head-first into the steel ring post. Booker is rolled into the ring by the TNA Legends Champion. Booker T says ‘no’ when it is asked if he quits. Here comes Sharmell down to ringside. Styles goes off with a flying forearm shot on Booker. Booker says ‘hell no man’ when asked if he quits. Booker collides with Sharmell in a counter, sending her off the apron. Styles counters with a flying arm bar and locks it on the mat. Styles pulls back, in the position where he could snap his elbow, and Booker T won’t quit. Jenna comes out and throws in a white towel, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner & still TNA Legends Champion – AJ Styles

Mick Foley (c) vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett
Ultimate Sacrifice for the TNA Championship

* If Mick Foley gets pinned, he loses the TNA Championship
* If Kurt Angle gets pinned, he gives up leadership of The Main Event Mafia
* If Sting gets pinned, he has vowed to never wrestle again
* If Jeff Jarrett gets pinned, he gives up his power in TNA

Sting is second to ringside. Kurt Angle is next to the ring. Mick Foley, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, is the final participant to the ring for tonight’s main event match. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal introductions. The bell rings and we’re underway. Everyone is ready to go, Jarrett goes at Angle, Sting at Foley. In the ring, Kurt works with Jarrett. Outside, Sting works over Foley on the crowd control barrier. Angle goes for an early Angle Slam but Jarrett counters with a quick DDT and a two count. Running clothesline by Jarrett takes Angle out to the floor. Foley and Sting are in the ring. Sting works on Foley, Jarrett throws Angle over the crowd barrier. He pulls him back in and lands a right hand. Meanwhile, Sting takes Foley down in the ring and goes for the Scorpion. Foley counters. Jarrett kicks Angle off the apron. Sting and Foley are going outside. Sting throws Foley into the crowd after slamming his head off the steel ring steps. Angle throws Jarrett into the announce table and back into the ring. Split screen view showing Foley and Sting in the crowd, Kurt and Jeff in the ring. Angle hits a suplex followed by a two count.

Jarrett locks the Figure Four leg lock on Angle. The split screen is closed as he see Angle fighting through the pain. Foley and Sting are coming back to the ring. Angle counters as Foley hits a piledriver on Sting on the entrance ramp. Angle locks in the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Foley goes off the ropes and sticks his hand with the sock on it in his mouth. Kurt makes the save and sends Foley to the outside. Jarrett gets up and lands right hands. Jarrett is thrown off the ropes and into a belly-to-belly release suplex. Two count for Angle followed by another near fall. Foley joins Tenay and West on commentary (seriously). Angle applies a sleeper on Jarrett in the ring. Jarrett counters in the ring and face-plants Angle in the ring. Two count for Jarrett. Jarrett runs into an elbow from Angle. Jarrett superplexes Angle off the top rope. Sting is back in the ring working on Jarrett.

Angle throws Jarrett in the corner. Sting and Angle double team Jarrett in the ring. Angle throws Sting into a Stinger Splash on Jarrett. Angle hits Sting with a clothesline inadvertently. Series of German suplexes from Angle on Jarrett. Sting gets back in and confronts Angle. Angle hits two belly-to-back suplexes on Sting. Jarrett and Sting are both down. Angle looks at Mick Foley who is sitting at the announce table. Foley’s making a mockery of the match, working or not. Angle somersaults over the announce table into Foley in a good spot. Angle Slam on Foley on the concrete outside. Jarrett is stirring in the ring. Angle rolls Foley back in the ring. Angle brings a chair to the ring. Jarrett hits the stroke on Foley. Angle comes in and makes the save. Angle Slam on Jarrett. Straps come down and Sting is in. Sting applies the Scorpion on Angle.

Jarrett comes in and rolls Sting up for a two count and a near fall. Sting sends Jarrett off the ropes, they collide. Both workers hit the mat. Foley is on his feet and puts another sock on his hand. He puts another sock on his other hand. He gets one on Sting and Jarrett but they counter. Foley applies them again and takes Sting and Jarrett down. He nearly gets a double pin but Angle locks in the Ankle Lock. Angle takes out the referee by running into him as Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop. Jarrett hits Sting with the guitar and pins him but there’s no referee. Jarrett goes for the referee but Foley hits Jarrett with a chair shot. Two count on Jarrett by Foley for the two count. Angle goes off the top for a splash on Foley. Two count as Sting breaks it up. Sting brings Foley back into play as the Champion was trying to escape the ring. The crowd is chanting ‘this is awesome’. Jarrett and Angle exchange offense with Angle applying the ankle lock on Jarrett, then on Sting. Foley makes the save with a flying forearm shot. Mick hits a double arm DDT on Angle. Sting makes the save. Sting hits a suplex on Foley. Jarrett hits the stroke on Angle from the top rope. Sting rushes in and pins Angle for the three count.

Winner & new leader of the Main Event Mafia – Sting

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