TNA No Surrender Results
Sunday, September 5, 2010
Results by: Sean Hopkins of

We get a video of the four men who are going to compete in the semi-finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Anderson, Pope, Hardy, and Angle. We get a standard video package to open the show, this also highlights the Tournament matches taking place tonight.

The pyro hits. and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV proper. The TNA World Tag Team Championship match will open the show, and as reported, Generation Me will be replacing London Brawling. Their music hits and Gen Me make their way to the ring.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
– Generation Me vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (c)

The Guns’ music hits and the Champions make their way to the ring to big pops from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings, and Jeremy and Shelley will be starting things out. Shelley takes Jeremy right down, but it’s not for long as both men begin a bit of chain wrestling. Shelley ends up getting the better of Buck several times, even scoring a near fall off of a quick roll up.

Mid-match notes:

More chain wrestling and a quick tag to Max Buck who comes in and trades holds with Shelley. Shelley’s technical prowess proves to be too much as he’s able to subdue Buck and tag in Sabin. Sabin comes in and trades holds, and dropkicks with Max, before both men go nose to nose.

Max tags out quickly, and Jeremy comes in, Shelley also tagging in. Jeremy is able to get the upper hand on Shelley, and a quick tag, and a moonsault to Shelley’s arm, followed by another tag and a double stomp to Shelley’s arm from Jeremy. Jeremy continues to focus on Shelley’s arm, but he’s fooled by a blind tag, and the Guns are able to double team Buck with a chancery/dropkick combo. Sabin scores a two count, then tags in Shelley. Shelley takes Jeremey right down to the mat and locks in a crazy inverted crab, lifting Buck entirely off the mat. The hold stays locked in until Max breaks it up. Shelley tags out, and Jeremy is able to make a quick to to Max, who comes in as a house of fire and is able to take out both Guns, scoring a near fall on Sabin.

Shelley makes the tag unbeknownst to Gen Me, and he hits a beautiful single leg dropkick to Max, taking him down for a two count. This match is moving so fast. Enzugiri to Max and Shelley tries to climb the ropes, only to be cut off by Jeremy, and hit with a neckbreaker on the apron. Jeremy sends Shelley back into the ring and Max tries repeatedly for a quick cover. Max tags out and Jeremy comes in and tries for a suplex, but Shelley blocks it. Shelley is able to fight out of it, but he goes right down and sells his neck. Max tags in and we get a double dropkick from Gen Me that’s good for a near fall.

Max hits a big dropkick and tags out to Jeremy, who tries to score a quick pin, but only gets two. Jeremy locks in a full nelson on Shelley, but Shelley is quick to fight out of it. Shelley goes to the ropes and goes right back down. Double team work from Gen Me is avoided by Shelley, who is able to make the hot tag to Sabin. Sabin comes in as a house of fire and takes Jeremy out of the ring before working over Max with a beautiful springboard tornado DDT. Sabin goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Jeremy. Things break down quickly and everyone is involved. Shelley and Jeremy are on the floor and Max and Sabin trade blows in the ring.

The finish:

Max is able to back Sabin into the corner and Gen Me hit a crazy assisted sliced bread, but Shelley breaks up the pin. Gen Me won’t have any of it as they take Shelley out of the way and go for More Bang for your Buck on Sabin but it doesn’t work out. Insane combination of superkicks, and The Guns hit a neckbreaker/crossbody combo on Jeremy to put Gen Me down for the count.

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

After the bell, Generation Me attack the Guns, sending Sabin out of the ring, and focusing on Shelley. Gen Me drag Shelley to the side of the apron where the hit a ridiculous double ddt to the floor. The ref is immediately there and holds up the X, but it looks like a work. Sabin comes in and brawls with Gen Me as an EMT runs down and Gen Me scamper up the ramp, laughing the whole way. Shelley sits up, to the cheers of the crowd, and he makes his way to his feet with the help of two EMT’s. Shelley slowly makes his way to the back.

TNA X Division Championship Match
– Sabu vs. Douglas Williams (c)

Sabu is the first man out to the ring to a load of love from the Impact Zone crowd. The Champion is out next to a pretty decent amount of heat.

The start:

Sabu tries to jump Williams right at the bell, but Williams is able to avoid him twice. A third time and Sabu is able to take Williams down, but it’s not for long. Williams takes Sabu down to the mat in a headlock takeover, but Sabu trades holds locking in a headscissors. Both men are back up to their feet and another lockup and Sabu takes Williams down with a headlock takeover. Williams fights out of it and tries for a submission but Sabu is able to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Williams focuses on Sabu’s arm, locking in an armbar, but Sabu is able to back Williams into the corner and break the hold.

Mid-match notes:

Sabu sends Williams into the corner and hits him with a big clothesline before going to the apron and hitting a slingshot legdrop on Williams. Sabu locks in a half camel clutch, but Williams is able to reach over to the bottom rope to break the hold and he rolls to the apron. Sabu hits a baseball slide and follows it up with a somersault dive over the top rope on top of Williams. Sabu grabs a table and sets it up like a pro, but Williams uses the distraction to turn it around. He sends Sabu back into the ring and goes to the middle rope, hitting a diving European uppercut that’s good for a near fall.

Williams tries to go to the top again, but he’s caught by Sabu. Sabu tries to go for a hurricarana, or at least it looks like it, but it’s pretty noticeably botched. Sabu goes to the outside and grabs a chair and Hebner admonishes him so he drops it. Sabu beats on Williams for a bit before setting up the chair and using it for a springboard moonsault that’s good for a two count. Sabu gets greedy and another try and Williams hits a drop toe hold, sending Sabu face first into the chair. Williams sends Sabu into the corner and hits a kick to the leg that looks like a bit of a low blow. Williams takes Sabu out with a clothesline that’s good for another near fall before focusing on Sabu’s back.

Sabu begins to fight back with a big right hand, but Williams comes right back with a European uppercut. Sabu hits a springboard DDT out of nowhere and both men are down. Sabu crawls over for a pin but only gets two. Springboard back elbow from Sabu and another two count on Williams. Sabu sets up the chair again and uses it to leap off of onto Williams with a big kick. Sabu sets the chair up again, but Williams kicks it right into Sabu’s gut. Williams connects with a beautiful gut-wrench suplex, but it’s only good for two. Williams goes for a German, but Sabu fights out of it and Williams rolls to the outside.

The finish:

Sabu tries for a springboard, but messes up, drops back to the ring and springboards over onto Williams. Sabu sets Williams on the table that was set up previously, and Sabu dive over the ropes again, but Williams avoids it, causing Sabu to crash through the table. Williams tries to use the chair, but it’s taken away by Hebner, so Williams uses the belt to crack Sabu in the head instead. Williams pins Sabu and this one’s over.

Winner STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Douglas Williams

Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson. Anderson says it will be the biggest match of his career tonight, and he doesn’t care if the Pope doesn’t trust him. Anderson says tonight he’ll do some preaching of his own, because his congregation will be on their feet shouting ‘We are A-holes’. Anderson walks off.

Singles Match
– Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

Rayne makes her way to the ring first accompanied by Tara. Sky makes her way out next, to the exact same music, along with the TNA KO Champion, Angelina Love.

The start:

The bell sounds and this one is ready to begin. Tara distracts Sky right off the bat, and Rayne uses it to her advantage, choking Sky in the corner. Rayne gloats a bit too much though and Sky is right there, but it’s not for long as Rayne takes her to the mat and rains down with fists before simply choking her. Rayne locks in a cravat, and throws Sky down to the mat where she locks in a camel clutch, before dragging her to the middle of the ring and locking it back in. Sky is able to make her way out of the hold and she slaps Rayne across the face, allowing her to score a quick roll up, but Madison pops right back up to regain control of the match.

Mid-match notes:

Rayne goes for a couple of quick pins on Sky, but she can’t get more than two. Rayne tries for a headscissors, but Sky simply tosses her down to the mat. Sky begins to show signs of life with a couple of big clotheslines and a back elbow. A spear for Sky takes Rayne down to the mat, where she slams her head repeatedly down. Sky hits a facebuster and tries for the pin, but Tara pulls her to the outside.

The finish:

Tara looks to use her helmet on Sky, but it’s broken up by Love. Back in the ring, Sky counters Rayne with a big DDT, and she pins Rayne for a three count.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Christy Hemme is backstage with Jeff Hardy. He says tonight he’s going up against the greatest wrestler in the world, but tonight is about getting the title in honor of RVD, who never lost it.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
– Rhino vs. Abyss

The start:

Rhino runs down to the ring to a bit of love from the crowd, and while Abyss makes his way out, Rhino runs right up the ramp and brings the fight right to him, starting this one early. Rhino brings Abyss right down to the ring, where he grabs a trashcan and a couple of other goodies from under the ring. Abyss rolls to the outside, so Rhino slingshots himself to the outside over the top rope. Abyss is right back up and he pounds on Rhino, both men fighting through the crowd and into the back.

Mid-match notes:

Abyss and Rhino fight out toward a roller-coaster and the outside. The crowd is dead. Abyss sends Rhino shoulder first into a trash can before slamming him head first into a chain link fence. Abyss and Rhino fight back into the Impact Zone and through the tiny backstage area back out into the crowd. This is simply a brawl, and it’s not very pretty.

Both men fight their way back into the ring where Abyss tries to go for a hip toss, but Rhino blocks it and hits a big clothesline. Rhino pounds on Abyss in the corner for a bit, but when he tries to whip Abyss across the ring and into a trash can, Abyss reverses it and Rhino suffers instead. Abyss rolls to the outside after Rhino, and Rhino is quick to fight back, slamming Abyss’ head into the barricade as they fight their way up the entrance ramp. Abyss fights right back, slamming Rhino into the barricade and going for a quick pin that’s good for two. Rhino throws Abyss hard through part of the stage, and he follows Abyss under the stage where they continue to fight.

Rhino and Abyss disappear from camera for a while, and the crowd doesn’t like it. They eventually crash through the other side of the stage, and Abyss goes for a cover but he only gets two. They fight back up the entrance way and to the ring yet again. The crowd is chanting for Rhino and Abyss doesn’t like it. Abyss grabs part of the ringside barricade and pulls it up and into the ring, propping it in the corner. Abyss pounds on Rhino in the corner, but when Abyss tries to whip Rhino into the barricade, Rhino avoids it, hits a flying clothesline and follows it up with a series of blows to the head with a cookie sheet. A gore, and a belly to belly from Rhino takes Abyss off of his feet.

Rhino tries for another gore, but Abyss catches him by the throat and chokeslams him on a trash can. Abyss goes for the cover but only gets two. Abyss rolls to the outside and goes up the ramp, grabbing Janice, the board covered with nails. Abyss makes his way back to the ring, but he eats a gore pretty quickly that’s good for a two count.

The finish:

Rhino ducks a clothesline, but Abyss is able to connect with a black hole slam out of nowhere. Abyss goes for the pin, but Rhino is able to kick out at two. Abyss resets the barricade in the corner. He gets Rhino in powerbomb position, but Rhino counters out with a short arm clothesline. Abyss makes his way up to his feet with the assistance of the guardrail. Rhino tries to hit the gore, but Abyss moves and Rhino connects with the barricade. Black hole slam from Abyss, and a quick pin, and this one is over.

Winner: Abyss

Tag Team Match
– Sting & Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

We get a video package with the history over the past few weeks leading up to this match. Nash and Sting are the first men out to the ring, to a knockoff of the old WolfPac theme. Nash and Sting both get lots of love from the crowd. Jeff Jarrett is out next, by himself. He gets a nice pop from the Impact Zone crowd. Samoa Joe is the final man out to the ring, and he too gets a nice pop from the crowd.

The start:

Joe and Sting look to start things out for their respective teams. Sting attacks Jarrett right off the bat, and Nash uses the distraction to jump Joe. Joe fights off Nash with a big running knee, and turns right to Sting, taking him down with a huge kick. Joe tags in Jarrett, who comes in and works over Jarrett with a series of blows before being caught from behind by a clothesline to the head from Nash. Nash tags in and begins working over Jarrett with right hands. Jarrett tries to fight back, but a knee to the stomach stops Jarrett. A hot shot and side walk slam from Nash is good for a near fall on Jeff.

Mid-match notes:

Nash hits a series of knees to Jarrett’s midsection before tagging out to Sting, who comes in and works over Jarrett with punches and kicks before focusing on Jarretts arm with a couple of nasty arm wrenches. Sting hits a big Stinger splash on Jarrett in the corner, and he climbs the ropes, trying for a Vader bomb, but eating Jarrett’s knees instead. Jarrett is able to make the tag, but the ref is distracted by Nash so is doesn’t count. Double clothesline from Sting and Jarrett at the same time, and both men are down.

The finish:

Joe is able to make the tag in and he goes to work on both Sting and Nash, eventually taking Nash out with an elbow suicida. Jarrett and Sting trade blows in the ring and Sting hot shots Jarrett into the corner. Jarrett grabs the baseball bat, and Jarrett uses it to hit Sting in the stomach and the throat. Joe comes back into the ring and locks in the rear naked choke. Jarrett holds off Nash on the outside. The referee calls the match as Sting is unable to answer the call.

Winners: Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett

“I Quit” Match
– AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

We get a video package of the feud between EV2.0 and Fourtune, that has led up to this match. AJ Styles is the first man out to the ring, and he gets a big pop from the crowd. Styles is wearing his title, whatever it’s called this week, but it’s not up for grabs tonight. Styles takes his belt and walks off to the side of the stage where he hides. Dreamer’s music hits, and when Tommy makes his way out to the ring, Styles tries to ambush him. Dreamer sees it coming and ducks the belt shot, only to pound on AJ all the way down to the ring. AJ tries to catch Dreamer again, but Dreamer hangs AJ’s arm up in the ropes and this one is on.

The start:

Dreamer sends Styles out to the floor with a back body drop, and Dreamer locks AJ in a rear chin lock around the ring post but AJ doesn’t quit. Dreamer and Styles trade blows with Dreamer punching and Styles chopping. Dreamer locks in a crazy full nelson camel clutch, but AJ still won’t quit. Styles is able to fight out of it, and he fish hooks Dreamer, but Dreamer stands up with Styles on his back, backing him up into the corner. Styles charges Dreamer in the corner, but Dreamer avoids it and Styles connects with the ring post.

Mid-match notes:

Styles rolls to the outside, and Dreamer follows with a big running clothesline from the apron, taking Styles down. Dreamer tries for a suplex out on the floor, but Styles reverses it and Dreamer crashes into the entrance ramp instead. Styles goes for the figure four, but Dreamer grabs one of the stage lights from the entrance ramp and uses it to bash AJ in the head before wrapping the cord around Styles’ mouth.

Styles is able to send Dreamer into the ring apron to take him down, and Styles exposes the concrete floor by moving the ring mat. Styles calls for the Styles Clash, but Dreamer fights out of it and sends AJ shoulder first into the ring post. Dreamer follows it up with a big shoulderbreaker. Dreamer asks a fan for a chair, and the fan happily obliges. Back in the ring, Dreamer continues to work over Styles’ shoulder with an arm bar, but AJ still won’t give. Dreamer wraps the chair around Style’s arm and executes a big leg drop, furthering the damage to Styles’ arm. Dreamer locks in a weird, chair assisted wrist lock, but Styles fights out of it.

Dreamer hits a flying arm bar into the chair and tries for a crossface, but Styles rolls to the outside. Dreamer follows and continues to work over the arm, wrapping it around a barricade. Styles won’t quit, and he picks Dreamer up, crotching him on the barricade. Styles stomps away at Dreamer, before slamming the barricade down on top of him, and wrapping his leg up in it. Styles hits Dreamer with a big right hand, and things move back into the ring.

Styles tries for the figure four, but Dreamer fights it off. Styles hits a big round kick to the back of Dreamer’s leg, and pulls him by the legs, crotching him on the ring post. Styles locks in a figure four while Dreamer’s legs are wrapped around the ring post, but Dreamer still doesn’t quit. Styles hits a kneebreaker, putting Dreamer down on top of a chair. Styles goes for, and is able to lock in the figure four leg lock.

Dreamer is able to turn the figure four over, reversing the pressure, but Styles gets out of it, and cuts Dreamer right off by planting him face first on a chair. Styles tries to set Dreamer up and kick through a chair, but Dreamer moves and Styles’ leg is caught up in the chair. Dreamer stomps at the chair, and AJ screams. Dreamer has a fork from somewhere, but when he tries to use it Styles ducks and connects with a Pele kick.

The finish:

Dreamer rolls to the outside, and Styles tries to follow, but when he goes to dive, Dreamer connects with a kendo stick shot to the head. Dreamer connects with a kendo stick assisted pumphandle slam, and goes for a kendo stick assisted cross face, breaking the stick across AJ’s face. Styles comes up with a fork out of nowhere and he uses it, jabbing it at Dreamer’s face. Styles shoves the ref out of the way, and Dreamer obviously blades. Styles digs the fork into Dreamer’s eyes, and Dreamer is forced to quit.

Winner: AJ Styles

Christy Hemme is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says losing isn’t an option for him tonight. He says Hardy is a great wrestler, but he’s not Kurt Angle. Angle says he’s the greatest wrestler in the world, and he’s going to go on to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Bound for Glory.

Semi-Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
If Angle loses, he will retire from wrestling
– Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is shown walking to the entrance way, and while he makes his way out, JB explains that this is the first semi-final match of the night in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Hardy gets a great pop from the crowd. Kurt Angle is shown in the back walking out to the entrance ramp, and when he finally comes into the Impact Zone, he gets a great reaction as well.

The start:

The bell rings, and we’re ready to start. Both men lock up, and Angle backs Hardy into the corner where we get a clean break. Another lock up and Angle takes Hardy right down and into a front face lock. Hardy backs into the ropes and forces the break. Another lock up and Hardy locks in a side head lock and hangs on for a bit. Dueling chants from the crowd. Angle fights Hardy off, but eats a shoulder block right away and another side headlock. Angle takes Hardy into the corner, forces a break, and connects with a couple of big right hands.

Mid-match notes:

Angle tries for a suplex, but Hardy counters with a front suplex that leads to a flurry of offense from Hardy. It doesn’t last long though as Hardy catches a huge powerbomb from Angle. Angle picks Hardy up just to put him right back down with another right hand. Angle locks in a rear chin lock, wrenching away at Hardy’s neck. Hardy fights back up to his feet and out of the hold, but he walks into a back elbow from Angle. Angle locks in a reverse bear hug on Hardy in a seated position.

Hardy fights to his feet and out of the hold, hitting Angle with a running forearm and a couple of clotheslines before botching, then hitting, a basement dropkick. Hardy eats a release overhead belly to belly suplex from Angle that’s good for a two count. Angle locks in a rear chin lock and continues to wear down Hardy. Hardy drops down, and gets out of the hold, before going up to the top rope. Angle is right on his feet and he goes to the top rope, launching Hardy off with a super belly to belly suplex that’s good for a near fall. Angle tries for an Angle slam, but Hardy counters sloppily and hits a twist of fate that’s good for two. Hardy goes up top and tries for the swanton, but Angle moves and Hardy crashes and burns. Angle connects with the Angle slam, but only gets two.

Angle tries for the ankle lock, but Hardy fights it off. Instead, Angle goes for, and hits three German suplexes in a row, but he still can’t keep Hardy down for more than two. Angle goes to the top rope and he tries for a moonsault, but Hardy rolls out of the way and Angle misses. Hardy goes up and hits the whisper in the wind. Hardy goes for the pin but he only gets a two count. Angle rolls to the outside, but Hardy is quick to follow, hitting a twist of fate on the outside. Hardy climbs to the top rope and dives out with a swanton, on top of Angle, out to the floor.

Both men are slow to get up, from what looked to ultimately be a needless bump. Back in the ring, both men beat the count. Hardy and Angle trade blows on their knees, then stand up and trade more. Twist of fate attempt from Hardy is reversed and Angle connects with a release German suplex. Angle goes to the top rope and hits a beautiful frog splash, but it’s still only good for a two count.

Angle is back up to his feet first, and he pulls Hardy to his feet. Angle tries for another powerbomb, but Hardy is out of it with a back body drop. Hardy connects with a twist of fate, but it’s not enough, so Hardy hits a leg drop, and follows it up with a quick swanton bomb. Angle is still able to kicks out at two. Another swanton from Hardy, and he still can’t keep Angle down. Hardy goes up to the top again and goes for another swanton, but Angle gets his knees up to block it.

Angle connects with an Angle slam for a two count, and both men are down. Angle goes for, and is able to lock in the ankle lock. Hardy counters out of it, sending Angle through the ropes and out to the floor. Hardy goes out to the apron, and leaps off toward Angle with a big diving clothesline. Hardy picks Angle up and sends him back into the ring, but Kurt locks in the ankle lock again out of nowhere. Hardy tries to fight out of it, but Angle is relentless. Hardy is able to grab the bottom rope, so Angle drags him back out to the middle of the ring. Hardy kicks his way out of the hold, but he gets a big clothesline for his troubles.

The finish:

Angle goes right back to the ankle lock, and Hardy continues to try and fight it off, but Angle will not let go. Hardy gets to the ropes, but Angle pulls him right back off and grapevines the leg. Hardy crawls, and even though he doesn’t tap, the bell rings. JB announces that the 20-minute time limit has expired.


Eric Bischoff makes his way out from the back and he confers briefly with Dixie Carter, who is ringside. Bischoff grabs a microphone, and says that given the importance of this match, there’s no choice but to add another five minutes on the clock.

Another period, and Kurt goes right back to the ankle, stomping on Hardy’s foot.

Angle locks in some kind of crazy reverse ankle lock, but Hardy fights out of it, kicking Angle out to the floor. Hardy is able to hit a dropkick, sending Angle into the guardrail, and Hardy follows to the outside, where he slams Angle head first into the ring steps. Hardy rolls Angle back into the ring, and he goes to the top rope, but Angle is there, crotching Hardy on the top rope. Angle hits Hardy with a big right hand to the side of the head, and he connects with a giant Angle slam from the top rope. Angle pins Hardy, but it’s still not enough.

Both men get back to their feet and Angle charges Hardy, only to be dumped over the top rope with a big back body drop. We’re in the final minute of the match. Angle beats the count back into the ring. 30 seconds. Angle rolls Hardy up for two. Double clothesline and both men are down. 10 seconds. Angle pins Hardy, but he only gets two as time runs down again.


Bischoff says there needs to be a winner, 5 more minutes on the clock. This is ridiculous.

Angle jumps Hardy right at the bell again, and hits a big European uppercut. Angle pounds on Hardy with big right hands. Angle picks Hardy up to his feet and takes him to the corner where he buries his shoulder in Hardy’s midsection. Angle charges Hardy, but Hardy moves and Angle’s shoulder connects with the ring post. Hardy follows to the outside and slams Angle into the ring steps repeatedly.

Hardy rolls back into the ring, and Angle has been busted open. Angle beats the count back into the ring. Hardy picks Angle up by the legs and walks over into a Boston crab. Angle looks unresponsive and the ref begins to count him out, but Angle responds at three. Angle counters out of the crab into an ankle lock, pulling Hardy out of the ropes and grapevining the legs. Hardy tries to fight it off, and he suffers through it as time runs out again.

The finish:

Angle still wants to go, and Bischoff is in the ring holding him off. Trainers come down from the back to clean Angle up. Bischoff gets on a headset, then grabs the referee. Bischoff grabs the mic, and says unfortunately they’ve been advised that Angle’s cut is too deep, so the match must be ruled a No Contest.

Winner: No contest

Christy Hemme is backstage with Pope. Pope says he’ll give Hemme some advice, bet on Pope. He says that Anderson is an A-hole, and a smelly one at that. Pope says that Anderson has been trying to pull the wool over his congregation and he’s not happy with that. Pope says when the ref counts, DDE, Pope will be Bound for Glory, and he’s spoken.

Semi-Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
– Mr. Anderson vs. D’Angelo Dinero

Mr. Anderson is shown backstage making his way out to the ring, and he eventually makes his way out to the entrance ramp to big pops from the crowd. Dinero is shown backstage walking toward the Impact Zone, and when he gets to the ramp, he too gets quite a bit of love from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and we’re ready to begin the main event of the evening. Both men lock up and end up in the ropes, forcing a break that’s not necessarily clean. Another lock up, and we get a similar result. Another lock up, and this one ends up not amounting to anything. Anderson goes behind Pope and they trade holds wrestling on the mat for a bit. Pope locks in a front face lock, but Anderson reverses into a hammerlock. Pope fights out of it quickly, and things break down with both men just trading blows, and Anderson stomping Pope down in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Anderson traps Pope in the corner with a series of right hands, but Pope comes right back with a single arm DDT. Pope locks in a hammer lock, then drops Anderson right down with a belly to back suplex. Pope drops a knee on Anderson’s face, and goes to work on Anderson’s arm, slamming his wrist down into the mat. Pope kicks at Anderson’s shoulder before picking him up and executing a hammerlock slam.

Pope locks in a keylock, but Anderson fights up to his feet and out of it with some big clubbing rights, and a series of clotheslines and a back elbow. Anderson picks Pope up to his feet, and when Pope goes for a diving shoulderblock, Anderson simply ducks and Pope crashes and burns. Anderson uses this to his advantage, pounding on Pope before stomping away at his stomach.

Anderson locks in a hammerlock and sends Pope shoulder first into the corner, which is good for a two count. Anderson chokes Pope against the middle rope, but Pope begins fighting back. Pope ends up running right into a big boot from Anderson however, and it’s good for a two count. Anderson locks in a keylock of his own, wrenching Pope’s elbow. Pope fights out of it and up to his feet, but Anderson catches him with a knee to the gut.

Anderson connects with a hammerlock belly to back suplex, continuing to work over Pope’s arm. Anderson props Pope in the corner and hits him with a couple of right hands. Anderson tries to send Pope into the ring ropes, but it’s reversed, and both men go for the clothesline at once. Anderson is up first, but Pope is quick to fight back with a big series of blows. Inverted atomic drop and flying shoulder block from Pope take Anderson to the mat. Pope hangs Anderson up on the middle rope, jumping down across his neck.

Pope goes to the top rope, but Anderson is there to stop him and crotch him on the top rope. Anderson goes for a superplex, but Pope is able to fight it off. Anderson fights right back, so he goes for a top rope superplex instead. Pope fights it off again, and Anderson ends up crotched on the top rope and he falls to the outside. Pope dives to the outside on top of Anderson.

Pope rolls Anderson back into the ring and goes for the pin, but he’s only able to get two. Pope tries for the DDE, but it’s countered. Anderson tries for the mic check, but it’s countered too. Anderson is able to connect with the standing Green Bay plunge, and that’s good for a two count. Anderson picks Pope up, and Pope catches Anderson with 4-Up, and a codebreaker, but Anderson kicks out at two. Pope stomps away at Anderson. Anderson connects with the mic check, but it’s still only good for two.

The finish:

Pope hits Anderson with unrelenting combinations before trying for the DDE, but Anderson avoids it. Anderson connects with the mic check, and he pins Pope, and this one is over.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Anderson spits on one of the Pope’s dollar bills that dropped during the entrance, before turning another one into a paper airplane and tossing it at Dinero. Anderson celebrates in the middle of the ring, saying one more match. Anderson calls down the mic and asks the crowd if they had a good time tonight, saying he did too. Anderson announces himself as the winner of the match and says he’s one away from winning the World Championship. He lets the crowd do his name for him, then does it for himself, then for himself yet again, after walking to three different corners.

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