source: Wrestling Observer

The Smackdown title curse has struck again.

On Raw last night, they said that Edge would be making a big announcement on this week’s edition of SmackDown. As a follow-up, said it would concern the World Championship. It appears as though that he’ll be relinquishing the belt at tonight’s SmackDown taping.

Edge has a torn pectoral muscle from taking a bad bump during the Mardi Gras angle on last week’s edition of SmackDown. He is going to be out of atcion for an undetermined length of time. It all hinges upon whether he goes in for surgery and just tries to have it heal from rehab. Edge is obviously disappointed over the timing of the injury because the plan was for him to have a long reign as champion, not to mention be the top star on SmackDown.

The current plan is to have a Battle Royal at tonight’s taping to determine a new champion. The winner of the Battle Royal will make his first title defense at Sunday’s Great American Bash pay-per-view.

Ironically, the latest edition of the Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler double issue (from the people behind Pro Wrestling Illustrated), which came out last week, has a cover story on the supposed SmackDown title curse. It features Edge on the cover alongside a few smaller pictures of Undertaker, Batista and King Booker. The individual pictures have X-marks over the respective pictures with the specific injury over the X-mark. The title reads: THE SMACKDOWN CURSE – This Is The Title You Don’t Want To Win!. The gist of the story asks if there is a hex on people who win the SmackDown title. They say that a number of champions have been infected by a rash of injuries shortly after they became champions and they wonder if Edge wants to risk his career by holding this “cursed belt.” The story then points out all the injuries these guys suffered after winning the belt.

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