— On his Facebook account (which is where the “bizarre hair” photos initially surfaced), Sid Vicious put up a link to a petition for fans to sign concerning “the hiring of Sid Eudy/Sid Vicious to add to the overall benefit of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.”

Regarding the petition, Vicious wrote: “Petitions don’t work…but Sign it anyway just to show them where the Power lies. Spread the Word! Somebody made this Petition as a Labor of love so I Understand how that feels..We all know how it is. you gotta get in there and get your hands dirty and do whatever you got…ta do to get your boys back on TV where they belong…it’s sad but thats the way it is now! it’s all in the fans hands now!”

You can check out the petition at the following link.

— D’Angelo Dinero took ill early in TNA’s European tour and was forced to stay behind in Glasgow, Scotland as result. He is also nursing a hand injury. Fortunately, his health has since gotten better as he returned to the tour last night in Bournemouth.

“Pope is so sick Dr’s would not let him wrestle in Glasgow. He has to stay behind until better,” TNA president Dixie Carter wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

— You can follow TNA newcomer Jeremy of Generation Me (a/k/a Nick Jackson) on Twitter at the following link.

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