Samoa Joe is slated to face off against Roman Reigns this Sunday at WWE Backlash, but before that, he sat down with Tim Fiorvanti from ESPN to talk about his experiences so far with the WWE, a voice acting role in the newest Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy, and possible matches with big names in the foreseeable future. Below are the highlights, check out the sourcelink for the full interview.

On his expectations versus his actual experience with WWE…

“My expectations of the WWE before I entered the company [compared to]now, I think those expectations and those preconceptions are vastly different. For the majority of my career I worked everywhere but the WWE. You come into contact with people who had worked there formerly and people that work there currently, and you kind of base your ideas on what it’s like there off of their experiences — what they share with you. At the same time, I’ve always been a firm believer in [that]… I judge and I deal with people, companies, based on our business — and honestly the WWE has been extremely professional in all my dealings with me, astonishingly so.”

On playing Predaking in the new Transformers series… (Trailer Video Below)

“I grew up watching Transformers. I think it was one of the first cartoons that I started watching as a kid. It was awesome. I would set my clock every morning before I went to school. It was a big part of my childhood. It was easy to throw myself in the character, it was fun. As a child, I think everybody imitates their favorite cartoon character in some form or another when they’re playing. To find themselves as a grown adult — getting that chance and having it actually become part of that cartoon is a real cool thing.”

On the potential to face AJ Styles…

“I think at this point it’s beyond potential, and it’s something that’s gonna happen. People talk about the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn relationship and how they’ll be fighting forever, but in reality when it comes to me and AJ Styles, I defy anybody to find two guys who have been battling against each other longer than us.”

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