IMPACT Wrestling star, Sami Callihan recently spoke with where he addressed RVD’s recent hot tub promo and the comments he made.

RVD recently got the wrestling world talking with his promo claiming there would be no Daniel Bryan or Kenny Omega without him, and Callihan gave his thoughts on what RVD had to say.

“That’s the real RVD. People think RVD is a quiet dude that smokes himself out all day long. But RVD has accomplished everything he’s wanted to accomplish in this business. He’s probably bored with life but now he’s living his best life because he pretty much told everyone to kiss his ass,” stated Callihan.

As well as that, Callihan spoke about IMPACT Wrestling as a product, and how it is similar to Game Of Thrones in terms of bringing violence and sexual content to people.

“I think Impact isn’t afraid to do that and they’re not afraid to give you a more adult-oriented story,” revealed Callihan. “Not all wrestling fans are the same and the group of people we are catering to is that demographic. People that want violence. People that want sexual storylines. Stuff that people would watch on Game of Thrones is what they are gonna be able to get with Impact Wrestling.”

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“I think it’s a true alternative. Over the past year we’ve had one of the best wrestling shows on the planet…” said Callihan. “Everyone always b—–s and complains that the Attitude Era was the best era in pro wrestling. Well Impact is pretty damn close and is giving you exactly what you want. They’re not afraid to get violent or cross that line because they’re not worried about offending people. At the end of the day they’re gonna be true to themselves just like I’m true to myself.”

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