The show kicks off with Rhett Titus posing in the middle of the ring. The fans are amped up for the show and are ready to go, but Titus is all about showing off his physique for the Dallas crowd. But finally The Villain shows up and it’s time for a fight!


Scurll comes out to a great pop and is red hot from the start. He takes the fight straight to Titus, who is immediately thrown off his game. But Rhett finally takes control of the match and eventually slows down the pace. Of course he stops from time to time to admire his body again, but fans have grown accustomed to that with this gimmick.

Scurll soon makes his comeback once again, hitting Titus with one move after another. He locks Titus in the Cambridge Crown and the crowd wants to see a tap-out from Rhett. But Titus powers his way out and dodges a running charge from Marty. Scurll hits Titus with a superplex but Rhett kicks out at two.

Titus turns a cannonball flip over the top rope onto Marty down on the floor. Both men end up back in the ring, where Scurll tries to regain his momentum. The fans start chanting “heavyweight” at Scurll. Titus hist a popup-powerbomb but Marty kicks out at two.

Marty hits a Cambridge Destroyer and then a Graduation, to get the pinball and the win over Titus.


The formation of Lifeblood is covered next on the program. The new group featuring Juice Robinson, Bandido, Tenille Dashwood, Mark Haskins, David Finlay and Tracy Williams, recently put Ring of Honor on notice. They’re now a faction and could become the top group in the company.


This is round one of Tag Wars 2019. Tenille Dashwood accompanied Juice and Finlay to the ring, where she joined  Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni on commentary.

Coughlin and Fredericks are a solid team, working together using a very old school style. They keep Juice and Finlay grounded during the first part of the match but eventually the tide turns. Robinson and Finlay are a well-oiled unit and they show that during their comeback.

But Alex and Karl are quick to get back on top. The two men cinch up Juice and David in double Lion-tamer submission holds, but Finlay makes it to the ropes. Finlay is on the attack but is soon at a disadvantage once again. The momentum shifts back and forth as the match hits its stride.

Finlay goes for one near-fall after another and finally hits the Trash Panda to get the win.


Katsuyori Shibata makes a surprise appearance at the show! He comes out to a great ovation and he’s here for the next match!


This is a Proving Ground Match and if Connors can get the win, he gets a shot at Cobb’s ROH World Television Championship.

Like Coughlin and Fredericks, Clark Connors is a member of New Japan’s Los Angeles dojo. Connors shows his skills early on in this match and actually keeps Cobb guessing during much of the first few moments. But the undefeated Cobb soon takes over, grounding Connors on the mat.

Cobb works over Connors’ lower back and the two men begin trading chops in the middle of the ring. Cobb misses a standing moonsault and Connors attempts to take over once again. He actually scoop slams the champ! Clark goes for a Boston Crab but Cobb fights it until he kicks out and catches Connors in a spinning slide-slam. Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands and gets the win.


The Beer City Bruiser is out for commentary on the next match, which should be interesting.


Taylor and The Briscoes are out first, followed by the flamboyant Castle and his minions in tow. But The Boys are dressed for a fight and they need to be!

Jay and Mark Briscoe are comping at the bit to get at The Boys, but Dalton is starting this match. Castle and Jay square off and are talking smack before they lock up. Jay asks the crowd if they want The Boys and the fans pop, but Dalton wants no part of it. Jay gets the mic and asks if Dalton is ever.going to let The Boys grow up. Finally, Dalton tags Boy #2!

Jay is a happy man. He’s out for blood and slams Boy #2 down hard. But he’s back up and squares up against Jay. Boy #2 goes move for move but Jay is obviously playing with him. Jay gets a slap for his trouble and the crowd loves it! Both Boys are in the ring and take charge of the match.

They knock The Briscoes back on their heels until Shane Taylor squashes The Boys. Jay and Mark take over outside the ring and the momentum has now firmly switched. On a side note, the Beer City Bruiser is doing a fine job on commentary. He’s a natural!

The Briscoes are in full control now and are keeping each of The Boys far from their corner and Dalton Castle. Jay is enjoying himself as he continues to talk trash. He and Mark are tagging in and out, physically dismantling The Boys. Taylor has finally tagged in and is throwing some heavy hands at The Boys. Shane goes to the second rope for a splash but misses.

Finally The Boys regroup and tag out to Dalton Castle, who comes in like the proverbial house of fire. Castle is taking the fight to all three men, both in and out of the ring. Dalton has the crowd fired up and almost gets the pin but Taylor pulls referee Paul Turner out of the ring. The ref disqualifies Taylor and The Briscoes for this, which leads Shane to lay the referee out.

The trio is attacking Dalton and The Boys in the ring but Juice Robinson and David Finlay make the save.



The Twisted Sisters are out and eerily bizarre as always, as they work together to get an early advantage over Rayne. Madison and Holidead are battling it out in the ring but Rayne can hardly get any offense in thanks to Rosa’s interference.

Finally, Madison gets something going but right as she goes for a sunset flip, Holidead takes over once again. She gets Rayne in a rowboat position before planting her boot in Madison’s spine. Rayne is in a bad way and it appears as though she’s on her way to a loss.

Holidead is using her size and strength against Madison, carrying her around the ring and slamming her into the turnbuckles. But Madison finally gets going, nailing some stiff forearm shots in the middle of the ring. Rayne hits a step-up enziguri but cannot get a pin over Holidead.

The numbers game once again becomes a factor, as Rosa makes her presence known. But Rayne keeps fighting even though Holidead tries for a finish. Rayne slips out of a hold and manages to roll Holidead up for the pin. Sumie Sakai suddenly shows up and The Twisted Sisters powder out of the ring.



This is the first time that Taven and Romero have ever met in a one-on-one match. Taven is continuing his gimmick as the “real” ROH World champion. Matt gets the mic and runs down the crowd before speaking directly to Romero. He calls Rocky a “Melvin” and says that unlike him, he’s held a world title. Taven then says that he will put the real world title on the line against him.

Now the pseudo-championship match begins! Taven takes the fight to Romero and keeps talking trash as Rocky gets back to his feet. He wants Rocky to hit him like a man and Rocky answers with a finger-poke instead. Romero is now in charge and he’s giving Matt all he can handle.

Rocky is showing his skill and confidence as he takes firm control of the match. But Taven is back on the offense again and attempts to suplex Romero onto the entrance stairs. Rocky heads up the stairs instead and races down the ramp, diving onto Taven and taking him down.

Suddenly red balloons come out from underneath the ring but Vinny Marseglia does not come out. Taven takes advantage of the distraction and takes over on Rocky. He’s stalking Rocky and keeping him at a disadvantage in the ring. But Rocky fights back, though he’s finally caught by Taven.

Taven locks Rocky into a Boston Crab submission but Rocky won’t give up. Romero fights back and tries to get back on top but Matt is too much for him. Taven is in charge and holds firm until Rocky finally makes his big comeback.

In the end, Taven has too much in the tank and he’s able to hit the Climax and get the win.


Vinny Marseglia and TK O’Ryan are out next for their match against Brody King and PCO of Villain Enterprises.


This match is another contest in the Tag Wars 2019 Tournament and it’s everything that fans have come to expect from Villain Enterprises. This is a matter of two six-man factions finding their niche against each other, both sides have indeed waged war over the past several weeks.

PCO is the highlight of this match, just as he was at Honor Reigns Supreme on January 13. He will take any chance and any bump, in order to get the match over. This is a hard fought match from the opening bell and Vinny taunts the crowd as he finally grounds PCO.

The Kingdom is in full control and are calling the shots as PCO appears to be human after all. Both O’Ryan and Marseglia go after PCO’s good eye, which causes the crowd to squirm in their seats. The duo hits a flapjack but PCO takes the move high, then low, hitting the top of his head on the mat.

But PCO is back up and tags off to King, who comes in and cleans house. Villain Enterprises takes control and gets the win, advancing in the tournament.



Silas is as old school as they come and that’s obvious in this match, which is a contrast of styles. Young takes the low road against Bandido, who keeps impressing the crowd with acrobatics. Silas starts biting his opponent’s fingers and Bandido finally gets free of him.

Bandido pulls off some high flying moves but Young grounds him, sending him into the ringside barricades. Colt Cabana correctly points out that Bandido has had a difficult time adapting his style to that of other guys and that’s evident in this match. At one point, Silas looks to the crowd and asks “is this it” as he stands over Bandido.

Young is grabbing hair and putting the boots to Bandido, who can’t get any real offense in to this point. Silas is slow and methodically, dissecting his opponent from top to bottom. He implores Bandido to “show me something, kid!” But every time Bandido tries to get going, Silas shuts him down.

Silas Young is the undisputed ring general in this match and it’s working on every level. He’s antagonizing the crowd, he’s breaking the rules and it’s all going his way. But finally, Bandido is up! He’s gained his second wind, racing around the ring and hitting a springboard moonsault to the floor below.

Bandido is selling the punishment of the match but he’s now on top. Young is selling for him and Bandido is on his game right now. Silas hits a flurry of offense and tries to take over once again, but Bandido will not be denied. The Mexican superstar is back on his feet and nailing every move he tries.

The two trade forearm shots in the middle of the ring, leading to an extremely impressive and dynamic 21+ finisher from Bandido, giving him the win. Bandido offered the Code of Honor to Young at the end but Silas nailed him in the left knee, taking Bandido down hard.


Bandido went down hard after Young’s attack and several Ring of Honor officials hit the ring to help him out. While this is likely a work, everyone involved is doing an excellent job of selling the moment. It’s very reminiscent of Flip Gordon’s injury from Honor Reigns Supreme on January 13. Bandido is helped back behind the curtain.

Rush is announced for Lakeland, Florida on February 9 and Miami on February 10.


This is another Tag  Wars Match, as the ROH World champ Jay Lethal takes on two members of Lifeblood. This match is a technical showcase from the opening bell.

All four men keep the action above board, with no rule-breaking taking place. It’s old school pro wrestling at its finest, with give and go on both sides. The fans are dialed in and it’s a clinic for tag team wrestling taking place in this ring.

The pace of the match is perfect and it builds with one exchange after another. Finally the match is at a rolling boil, with both sides hitting various tag team maneuvers. Finally the match is cooking and fans are absorbing it all, as they cheer both teams on.

But in the end, it’s Lethal and Gresham that get the win and advance in the tournament. This was an extremely well-wrestled main event and it’s one that fans won’t soon forget.


Just as it appears that the show is going off the air, Shane Taylor and Silas Young come down with The Briscoes to attack Lethal and Gresham. This brings Juice Robinson and David Finlay back out to make the save bu they’re stomped down as well. The heels are in full control of the situation and they’re standing tall as the show goes off the air.