WWE Raw commentator, Renee Young recently spoke with Alicia Atout where she spoke about her new role in WWE and dealing with criticism online.

Young got the social media world buzzing earlier this year when she openly responded to a fan who was complaining about her commentary and she reflected on that:

“It’s funny because when it happened I was like, “Do I respond to this?” I was mulling it over just because I have my own insecurities with it anyway so it’s like picking at that scab, but I was really surprised with how people reacted about it. I think just talking from my heart really got to people it was really cool.”

Renee Young then went on to talk about her role on commentary and how she is learning on the job:

“When I first started out hosting, it didn’t really go anywhere, nobody really saw them so I could figure my stuff out much earlier without people seeing it. But now, trying on this new hat of doing commentary it’s like, I am stepping on there and doing commentary, I wasn’t groomed for that spot, I wasn’t in the booth so I am learning this new skill on Monday Night Raw. No pressure babe. There’s good days and bad days and I am always open to criticisms, but even if it’s good and you run into 5, 10 people who have an opinion on it, you can’t take them all.”

Finally, she also spoke about always being a confident talker and having the gift of the gab:

“I have never had an issue speaking, so that’s good. I used to get kicked out of class all the time because I would never shut up, I always wanted to be the class clown and I was always cracking jokes. I think that’s why hosting came so natural to me.”

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