As announced on, several WWE supertars appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday night.

During one of the show’s regular “Conando” skits (which parody the popular Spanish Telemundo soap operas), Conando got into a bar fight with over a girl with one of the other bar patrons.

Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase appeared as friends of Conan’s adversary while The Great Khali and Big Show were Conan’s friends. They all took turns hitting each other with break-away stage props until eventually Big Show chokeslammed DiBiase and Rhodes through a bar table.

At the end, Big Show said (in a dubbed Spanish voiceover) that they must now leave for the USA to promote the 25th anniversary on WrestleMania 25 airing on this Saturday night on NBC.

You can watch the entire Tonight Show episode over at The “Conando” skit featuring the WWE superstars begins around the 17 minute mark.

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