This weeks RAW, hailing from Lance Storm’s home town (as he told us so many times over the years), starts with Justin announcing Ricardo. Ricardo introduces Alberto Del Rio who comes out in a Lambourgini Mercy Lago. (Sorry, I don’t know cars like I know wrestling.) ADR out of the car in ring gear, strap around his waist. The camera zooms in on the strap on ADR’s waist, but it was a little close and intimate for me. Video of ADR facing Rey last week. Cole and King say Rey will be out for a couple months of action from last week’s injury. ADR in the ring with the mic, sucking up the growing heat. ADR starts to introduce himself, but Cena’s music cut him off and JR says business just picked up.

The salute, then Cena runs into the ring. Cena’s all smiles in the ring, until he looks at ADR. They glare at each other, get almost nose to nose. Cena says ADR believes it’s his destiny to have that Title. He’s there to reintroduce himself. He’s Cena and will be taking the Title from ADR’s waist. And he’ll hurt him. Hard enough to send him back to his family. So he runs back with his flea market scarves, cheap hired help and rented cars. Cena’s supposed to believe ADR owns all those cars? He doesn’t know the name of that car. Cena’s a nice guy but ADR’s a target and caught a nice guy on a bad day. He’s sick and tired of making average into awesome. There’s only one guy in the WWE who can go toe to toe with Cena. After the once over, he’s nothing like CM Punk and will whip ADR’s ass!

Punk’s music hits. He comes out with that smirk on his face. ADR looks as though he smelled something bad. Punk up on a corner and the fans are wild. “CM Punk” chants. Punk tells Cena to hold up. Is this a rerun? He feels like a rerun, Cena wants another Title shot, awesome. He’s seen it before, not again. Punk beat Cena in high tension bouts. ADR just came out and cashed in. Completely understandable, but if anyone’s getting a shot, it’s Punk. Ballsy of Cena. Punk asks Cena if he doesn’t own 10,000 cars. Cena does know the name of that one. ADR cuts in and Cena calls him Captain 3rd Wheel. ADR says it’s his time because he’s the WWE Champ.

Punk asks if ADR is finished? Good, never interrupt Punk. ADR cashed in, Punk did it twice, much better than ADR did, but sees it. Put his body on the line and reap the rewards. He doesn’t like that Trip, Nash, possibly more involved in all this. He has a problem with that. Since Punk has a problem, that’s where Cena comes in. They both have had troubles with Trip. At SS Punk talked down Steph to her face. That text was called in. Someone wants ADR to be Champ. ADR says destiny. Punk says what ADR thinks his destiny is Punk cashing in his rematch for the Title.

Cena says that he’s wrong, it’s Cena cashing in his rematch. Punk says Cena’s rematch exists as much as Santa Clause exists. Punk is cashing in. Cena says he’s facing ADR tonight for the Title. He’ll happily give Punk the first shot.

ADR says it’s his time. He defended last week, but now it’s time to celebrate. It’s not happening in front of these nothing Canadians.

Trip’s music hits and out he comes. ADR is the only one who looks happy about this. Trip tells ADR to take that smug look off his face, he’s not there to protect him. ADR has a match next. As far as rematch clauses, they’re not like MITBLM, he’s the boss and decides this. Whoever gets the rematch first, Cena and Punk will decide. At NOC ADR will face whoever wins tonight’s main event. The main event will see Punk go one on one with Cena.

– Commercial

ADR vs. JoMo

JoMo out to the ring in his regular fashion. Video of JoMo facing R-Truth last Monday.

JoMo rushes ADR who backs off. ADR keeps backing off, so JoMo on him with blows. ADR rushes JoMo, but is beaten down for one. JoMo hung up top, then ADR in, but slammed back for two. Back kick to JoMo’s gut, then his head. JoMo slammed down by his hair. JoMo whipped and hits the mat. Arm hold on JoMo. JoMo with blows. JoMo fights back with a drop kick on ADR for two. Side headlock takeover on ADR, JoMo keeps the hold on. To their feet and feet, but then a kick to JoMo’s left thigh. ADR grabs JoMo, but JoMo used the ropes to send ADR flying. JoMo uses the ropes to slingshot, but ADR has moved. JoMo lands on his feet, but then ADR slams JoMo back into the barrier.

– Commercial

ADR wrenching JoMo’s head back by two handfuls of hair. ADR then tries, but only gets two. Chinlock on JoMo. JoMo fights to his feet, but is nailed with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. ADR then slams JoMo to the ring for two. Again the chinlock on JoMo. To their feet, JoMo with blows, but slammed back to the mat. ADR rushes JoMo, but JoMo elevates ADR up and out over the top of the corner. ADR’s head bounces off the floor. ADR back into clotheslines and drop kick’s to ADR. JoMo slams ADR to the mat for two. JoMo telegraphs and gets kicked, but JoMo comes back with a belly-to-back suplex and bridges the pin, but only got two. JoMo rolls ADR up with a schoolboy for a LONG two. ADR rushes JoMo in the corner, but is kicked.

A strange and wild DDT from JoMo for two. JoMo to his feet first. Huge and beautiful hurricanranna from JoMo for another long two! They exchange kicks to the legs. ADR with a head butt, but then a slingshot kick to ADR’s head. JoMo up for starship pain, but ADR moves and JoMo lands on his feet. JoMo sent into the corner head first, then ADR locks on his cross arm bar and JoMo has to tap out.

Winner ADR

Cole is talking up hard in a huge way. ADR out and kicks JoMo in the head. ADR then locks on the cross arm breaker again on the floor in front of announce until the refs can get him off. ADR then shows off his belt with a smile.

Backstage Eve, in gold talks to Kelly in a creative cut t-shirt. Eve will be wrestling against a Bella.

– Commercial

Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella vs. Eve w/ Kelly

The Bellas are dressed differently. A little bit from Natalya and Beth and how they don’t want to be like Kelly, but won’t tell us what they do want.

Nikki on Eve with forearms to the head. Nikki whipped, but the Bella over the top. Brie gets close and Eve is hung up backward across the top rope by her hair. Eve it the floor. Back in and a bad boob/chinlock on Nikki. Eve suplexes free of the hold. Blows and a clothesline takes Nikki down. The fans are chanting, “We want….” Sorry, can’t here. Standing moonsault to Nikki, but only gets two. Eve climbs, Brie distracts and Nikki takes Eve down hard. Eve grabs Nikki in this sick neck breaker that actually looked solid! Eve got the three from it.

Winner – Eve

Kelly and Brie in. Kelly takes Brie down with her own finisher. Beth and Natalya out to the stage all dolled up and started down at Kelly who holds the strap high and smiles at them.

Backstage Kevin Nash is heading for the ring. On his way by Nash shakes the hand of one of the crew. (Possibly a little dig to the Bucks?)

– Commercial

WWE Slam of The Week – Vickie stole JR’s hat and helped Swagger beat Riley.

Swagger w/ Vickie vs. Riley

EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She introduces the newest of her stable Jack Swagger. Vickie comes out in snug black pants and a sparkly and colorful halter that ties at her neck and lower 1/3 of her back, leaving the shoulders, arms and back exposed. Other than a very slight love of the handles, she’s pulling it off! Riley already in the ring and had requested this rematch.

They lock up, Swagger takes Riley down, then bear hug high to Riley’s chest. Swagger gets Riley up and slams him hard. Swagger taunts Riley, but eats quite the spine buster! Cole actually talks up Riley’s ring work lately. Dolph out screeching at Vickie about not needing other clients. In the ring Swagger again, like last week, tries for the gut wrench, but he and Riley flounder the whole thing – hopefully planned this time. Dolph still yelling at Vickie and somehow Vickie ends up landing on her bum.

Swagger over to demand to know what happened. Dolph tells Swagger it’s not of his business. Swagger pushes Dolph back, then returns to the ring. Riley rolls Swagger up for three.

Winner – Riley

Dolph and Vickie up the ramp arguing as Swagger yells from the ring.

Backstage Trip talks on his cell then seems to head for the ring.

– Commercial

Trip back out to the ring. Video of Nash slamming Punk at SS. Trip says a lot of controversy over the event of SS. Nash bombing Punk and all that went down with that. To show their transparency, he calls Nash to the ring. Nash out without music. “Diesel” chants, but quiet.

Trip says a lot of controversy at SS. Nash received a text on his phone, but it wasn’t from Trip. What happened wasn’t supposed to happen. No conspiracy there.

Nash says he knows Trip well and knows Trip wouldn’t lie. He was going to apologize to Punk, but not after all Punk said. Trip speaks quietly off mic. Nash asks Trip to not make Nash a man. Trip says Nash doesn’t work here. Nash says he knows and doesn’t have to take this crap. He could have killed Punk.

Trip says that Nash doesn’t work here. If Nash wants to call out Punk, then do it at the Timmy Ho’s across the street and beat him lifeless there. Trip can’t have Nash do this here. They’re up close and in each other’s faces. Trip asks Nash to leave his ring.

Punk comes out and asks Nash not to leave, he wants to know who sent the message. They have a mystery on their hands. Let’s play Clue! Was it Big Lazy with a giant tube of Just For Men in the Conservatory? (Obviously meaning Nash.) Or was it Trip from backstage with his sledge? Maybe, and this is the one his money’s on, maybe it was Steph, with a candle stick in the Library or something. They need to figure it out because he doesn’t believe either of them. Nash came out to apologize? He should have just done it. Now Punk’s crossed the line? He’s a habitual line stepper. Nash knows, he’s a line stepper too. “CM Punk!” chants.

Punk into the ring says he’s done talking. Nash got off easy last week, this week he’s kicking Nash’s ass. Trip steps between then, a hand on Punk to back him off. Punk slams Trip’s hand away and yells at Trip to get his hand off him! Punk says Trip’s always disliked him, always out to get him. At SS Trip called it down the middle until he saw the opportunity to screw him. ‘What’s your problem Hunter?’ why is Trip so scared of him being WWE Champ. Who’s really pulling the shots? Trip, Big Sexy or Trip’s bean headed wife.

Trip knows that Punk’s a line crossed and Trip’s told everyone, including the Board that he wouldn’t get involved physically, but don’t make the mistake that he’s not the same damn guy he’s always been. Punk crosses the line with Trip, he’ll leave Punk lying while he stand.

Punk says that’s fine. He wouldn’t want Trip to take off his suit, fold it up and put it in his wife’s purse, where Trip keeps his cell phone, as well as his balls! Nash who had been standing there quietly, attacked Punk with one blow to the head. Trip and Nash leave the ring arguing as Punk sits up in the ring smirking as the “CM Punk” chants grow. Punk gets to his feet, still smirking.

– Commercial

Backstage Trip and Nash walk together. Trip tells Nash he can’t put hands on Superstars. Four weeks with the suit and this is it? Trip tells Nash to go. Nash says he never thought he’d see it, but Trip’s changed.

Tag Team Championship Match – Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Kofi comes bouncing out in his new blue ring gear. Evan out and just as happy. Then King and Cole promote Just For Men! The Tag Champs out to the ring looking like thugs.

Evan in and attacked by McGillicutty. More blows to Evan. Snap mare and Evan lands on his feet and on McGillicutty with kicks. Kofi tags in and on McGillicutty for two. McGillicutty with kicks and blows to Kofi. Kofi eats a corner and stomped. Back elbow to McGillicutty, then Kofi flies in a cross body on McGillicutty for two. Kofi calls for the boom drop, but Otunga pulls McGillicutty from the ring. Kofi outside and Otunga taunted for McGillicutty to attack. In the ring McGillicutty pins for two. Otunga tags in and they double team Kofi. Otunga pins for two. Upper cut on Kofi. Otunga slams Kofi to the mat. Otunga gets a slow two. Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up, elbows out, but is slammed by his hair. McGillicutty tags in and they double team Kofi again. McGillicutty gets two from his drop kick. Chinlock on Kofi again. Kofi to his feet, but a knee to the gut. McGillicutty slams Kofi to the mat. Kofi puts his feet up, grabs McGillicutty’s neck and sends McGillicutty flying!

Both tag out. Evan stumbles into the ring, then on Otunga with huge kicsk to the body and head. McGillicutty sends Kofi out over the top, but Kofi holds on and kicks Otunga in the head. Evan up top and flies giving Kofi and Evan the Titles.

Winners & new Tag Team Champs – Evan & Kofi

King and JR really talk up Evan and Kofi as young talent and ones to watch, to see where they take the Tag Division! Evan and Kofi celebrate up on the corner and the fans love them.

– Commercial

Highlights from Kofi and Evan winning their Tag Titles. They show Evan’s 450 from all angles and it was beautiful!

Backstage they’re with Josh. Kofi says they’ve wanted to team for a long time and now their the champs. Ryder arrives with bubbly and other show. They have a big celebration.

Laurinaitis runs up to Trip and says that he got word Nash had been in a car accident. He hands Trip a piece of paper with the hospital’s name on it. Trip asked if a car was where it should be and if Laurinaitis has the rest of the show. Laurinaitis says he does and to go. The camera changes to commercial before we can see Laurinaitis’s face as he turns around.

– Commercial

Santino vs. ?

Santino attacked from behind by Miz and R-Truth. Into the ring and they’re both on Santino with their finishers. Huge heat for Miz and R-Truth. Miz calls for a mic and R-Truth tells the fans to shut up. We saw what happened to Little Jimmy? That will happen every time. The ‘What’s’ start. R-Truth says there’s a conspiracy in the WWE. They’re going to make him lose his mind. Trip, Nash, Steph, Cena and Punk. They all in on this here together. They sit around the conspiracy table and conspire. See, he knows usta is the roosta from Brewsta, but he main evented PPVs too. Now with Trip in charge, it’s not about the truth. It’s no longer about Miz either.

Miz says he can’t believe he’s saying this, but R-Truth is right. There’s a conspiracy in the WWE! Stop with the whats when he’s talking, they sound like a bunch of stupid ducks! More nastiness from R-Truth. Miz says months ago was the main event of WM. He beat Cena at WM27. That’s about average, right? Now Trip’s all in control, where’s Miz? He has to pick a fight with Jared. “You suck!” chants, some of the loudest in a long time! R-Truth says they’re tying to get this out. He knows they don’t have home training, being Canadians.

Miz will talk slowly so they understand him. Is everyone ready? “You suck!” chants. Miz tells them to listen up and listen here. He’s sick of Santino who’s not won a match in five years having matches when Miz is the most must see Champ of all time! They’re sick of being underutilized. Done without an opportunity, so they’re going to take it. R-Truth says they’re taking any and all opportunities. Any conspiracies want to push, they push back. Sooner or later somebody’s gonna get got! That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Miz in with, it’s awesome! R-Truth’s original music started, but it has all new lyrics!

Split screen, Punk and Cena heading for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Monday after ADR defeated Rey, he continued on Rey until Cena broke it up.

John Cena vs. CM Punk

ADR is lounging back in a chair by announce, next to JR. Laurinaitis is on the other side of announce by Cole. ADR is trying to look all stern, but looks goofy. Punk out to the ring. Cena out with his normal way too long entrance. Cena throws his shirt to the fans, it’s tossed back to him! He shrugged and threw at someone else.

They lock up. Side headlock take over on Cena. Cena uses his legs to lock Punk’s head. Punk free, take Cena down the same way and holds on. Cena tries it, but can’t keep the hold. Some fans gets Cena smiling over at them. They lock up. Punk with a hammerlock into a side headlock. Cena pushes free and takes a shoulder block. Cena leap frogging, then with a shoulder block drops Punk. They work it out, then Cena takes Punk down quickly for two. Clothesline to Cena, then a kick drops Cena. Running knee to Cena in a corner, then into a running bulldog. Punk, on the apron, smirks over at ADR.

Punk starts to climb, but Cena knocks him down! Punk bounced on everything in his path, including the stairs.

– Commercial

Side headlock on Punk. Punk suplexes free. Cole talks about Laurinaitis being in control as Trip had to leave. Punk gets Cena up, Punk wiggles free. Cena up, then wiggles free. Punk up again, but free and flies off the corner taking Cena down for a long two. Knees to the face, then Cena up. Punk goes for the GTS, but Cena grabs Punk’s knee and tries to lock Punk up. Cena is able to lock on his STF, Punk wiggles and crawls for the ropes, and gets there. Cena rushes Punk in a corner, but hit the post. Punk gets Cena up, hits the GTS, but Cena is able to kick out!

Some Cena chants, but very quiet. Punk slowly climbs the corner, Cena on the mat. Punk’s seething and takes serious time and can’t hit the elbow. Cena rolls to the apron to regroup. Cena climbs, catches Punk with a leg to the back of Punk’s head, sorta, but was able to pin Punk for two. Both struggle to their feet. Punk with a hand to his neck. Punk up, but elbows to Cena’s head over and over. The ref finally gets Punk to stop. Punk runs with a high knee to Cena’s head for a long two. Cena grabs Punk and hits his AA, but only gets two from it.

All on announce watching closely. Cena backs Punk back into a corner. Cena up with Punk, but Punk’s blows drops Cena to the mat. An amazing cross body from Punk, but Cena rolls through and ends up hold Punk in the air. Tries to get Punk up for the AA, but Punk wiggles free and takes Cena down for two. Cena diving at Punk and eats a foot to the face. Punk mocks Cena with his finisher. Punk up and motioned for the GTS.

Punk gets Cena up for the GTS, but is cut off by Nash on the stage saying that this isn’t over yet! Nash slowly down the ramp as Punk taunts him. Cena is still down, but bounces up, hits the AA and gets the three on Punk!

Winner & #1 contender – Cena

ADR fast into the ring and attacks Cena. Nash quickly leaves the stage. Kicks and stomps on Cena. An enziguri to Cena in a corner. The ref and Laurinaitis in trying to back off ADR. ADR says something directly to ADR and he seemed to listen, but when he had the chance he jumped Cena again. Cena sorta sells it, but he’s seen nodding in the direction of ADR, Laurinaitis and the ref before ADR jumps Cena again. ADR stomps Cena from the ring.

Biggest pop
CM Punk

Biggest heat

Most mixed