RAW this week starts with a recap of last RAW’s main event between Cena and Orton with HHH as the guest ref. HHH said he’d call the match as would best serve himself. Orton manages to get to the ropes to break free of the STFU, but Cena then hit the FU for the win. After it was over HHH pedigreed both of them. HHH posed over them both with the title belt.

Regal is in the ring and introduces HHH, Orton and Cena who are all in the ring with him. He says at WM24 they will compete in a historic Triple Threat Match. This is a photo op that he’s been asked for all week. The three stand together in the ring while photographers outside take their photo. Regal then says they will all get mics to make comments about the match.
Cena gets a mic and speaks first. He thanks the other two for coming out because he honestly has a problem with one of them. The way he was raised you ante up, be a man and say it to his face. He approaches HHH and says half of him wants to thank him for not disqualifying him last week. The other half doesn’t much like the pedigree.
HHH says he doesn’t need thanks, he did what was right. He wants Cena in the match at WM. Cena might not appreciate the pedigree, a lot of the fans might not appreciate it, but a lot did. It doesn’t matter because at WM he’ll get the same thing.
Cena says there’s only been one clash of the titans and HHH tapped out.
HHH drops his jacket, they both drop their mics and glare.
Orton says they can talk all the trash they want, but the one thing that will remain the same, he’s still the WWE Champion. He tells them both they’ve done their best, but he still has the title on his shoulder.
Cena and HHH are still glaring at each other.
Orton uses Cena’s ‘The champ is here’ call phrase. He says there’s not a damn thing either of them an do about it. They both attack Orton and he gets tossed form the ring. Cena and HHH fight until Orton returns and hits RKOs on both HHH and Cena. Orton stands between their prone bodies and poses with his belt to a “You suck!” chant.

Video replay of Orton hitting an RKO on HHH then on Cena.

– Commercial

WM promo – 34 days.

Orton is walking out back and Kennedy approaches him. Kennedy says he’ll be winning MITB. He says he’ll be cashing it in that night. He tells Orton if he loses, he loses. If he wins, he loses.
Orton calls him Ken and is corrected. He then says he’s walking out of WM the champion.
Kennedy says, “we’ll see”.

Carlito and Santino come out to the ring with Maria in tow. Maria is in a tiny black dress with a white Playboy bunny on the front. Cody and Hardcore Holly come out to face them.
Santino and Cody start. Santino shows his muscles and lightly pushes Cody’s shoulder. Cody quickly gains control. Scoop slams and then Santino is whipped into a corner. Cody stomps Santino in a corner then tosses him out. Santino fights back while King yells for Maria to join them at the announce table. Carlito tags in and beats down Cody. Carlito covers for two. Maria ignores King. A neck breaker to Cody and Carlito covers for two. Santino tags in but gets nailed with a Russian leg sweep. Both are down. Cody tags out and takes Carlito apart as he tags in.
King throws his crown at Maria.
Santino tags in and clotheslines Holly from the apron. Santino climbs as Maria goes to talk to King. He gets distracted and knocked off. Holly hits an Alabama slam on Santino for three.

– Winners: Holly & Cody

Maria rushes into the ring to Santino’s side. Santino yells at King as Maria tries to explain. Santino stomps from the ring and makes her go with him. Santino glares at King.

– Commercial

Video recap of the feud between Mayweather and Big Show.

Video of the WM press conference.

Grisham is out back with Regal who has a major announcement. Regal says nothing sells a big match like conflict. Orton and Kennedy will tag against Cena and HHH in the main event tonight.
Grisham leaves and Y2J is behind Regal. They rip apart each other’s hair cuts. Y2J asks Regal if he wants some tea. After a bit more banter Y2J says he wants in the MITB match. Regal says he has to qualify. He’ll be facing Jeff Hardy to do so next.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – last Monday when Jeff Hardy faced Snitsky to qualify for the MITB and manages to win the match.

Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring. Y2J comes out to face him.
“Hardy” chants. They lock up and Y2J is backed to the ropes. They break. Hammer lock on Jeff. Into an arm bar. Jeff goes down, nips up and reverse the hold. Shoulder block drops Jeff but a few arm drags to Y2J. Y2J flips Jeff over the ropes but he lands on the apron. Y2J tries for a springboard onto Jeff who’s on the apron but Jeff ducks. Back in the ring Y2J quickly cradles Jeff for two. Y2J takes Jeff down, baseball slides him and covers for two. Jeff slingshots Y2J over the top and to the outside. Jeff tries to baseball slide into him, but Y2J moves.

– Commercial

Y2J has Jeff arms pulled up and back with a knee between his shoulder blades. Jeff gets up and out and fights back. A high knee drops Jeff and Y2J covers for two. Y2J chops Jeff into a corner. More chops to Jeff who then ducks a clothesline. They both go for cross bodies at the same time and crash hard. They’re both down for five. Jeff takes Y2J down a couple times. Y2J gets whipped and gets a foot up into Jeff’s face. Y2J rushes Jeff in a corner and lands straddling the corner in a painful way. Jeff covers for two. A clothesline by Y2J and he covers for two. An elbow to Jeff’s upper back and “Y2J” chants. Jeff goes for whisper in the wind but Jeff gets knocked to a sitting position up top. Jeff hits whisper in the wind but Y2J manages to kick out at two. Jeff rushes Y2J, Y2J counters and locks on the walls. Jeff gets to the ropes quickly. Y2J stomps Jeff’s lower back. A kick to Jeff’s gut. Jeff hits a face first suplex and Y2J is flat on the mat. Jeff climbs and goes for the swanton. Y2J moves. Y2J hits a lionsault and covers but Jeff kicks out! Jeff manages an inside cradle for two. They both counter each other’s moves and Y2J is able to pin Jeff for three.

– Winner: Y2J

Y2J celebrates in the ring and shrugs at Jeff who looks over at him. Y2J is all grins. Video replay of the key moves in the match.

Video of Hornswoggle’s beat down in the cage last week.

Vince is out back looking in a mirror getting ready to head for the ring.

– Commercial

Vince’s music and he comes strutting to the ring. Vince gets major heat. He says we’re about to hear something from him we’ve never heard before. He says he has an admission to make. He made a mistake. The first time in his life, but he made a mistake. It was last week when he let his son be put in jeopardy. He took his belt off and whipped him. He had that coming. What he didn’t have coming is what JBL did to him after he lft the cage. After placing his son in that kind of jeopardy, he apologizes. He says he’s not the only one who’s going to apologize tonight. The person who put his son under the care of a physician with head trauma and spinal injuries will apologize too. When no one comes out he says he doesn’t have all night and to get out there now.
JBL’s music and he comes out looking really pissed. JBL gets huge heat.
Vince says he ought to beat the hell out of him right now. JBL was there just to keep Finlay out of the way, not to hurt his son. He wants and apology and wants it now. JBL doesn’t say anything. Vince says he wants it now.
JBL grabs the mic and finally says he’s sorry. He’s sorry he didn’t do it sooner. He has it on very good advice that Hornswoggle is not Vince’s son. JBL says this ruse that made Vince looks like a fool goes all the way to the top. Straight to his family. Hornswoggle’s not his son. Hornswoggle is Finlay’s son.
Vince says he doesn’t know if he should believe it or not. It seems to make some sense. Memories of his family are rotten to the core. He’s always wondered if he could produce that mutant form his loins. He asks if Hornswoggle is after his money.
JBL says Hornswoggle wasn’t that smart. He didn’t know any of it. Finlay knew the entire time. JBL says he has proof.
Vince says he wants proof or JBL will get a worse beating than Hornswoggle got last week.
JBL says that next time Finlay’s in the ring he’ll make him admit it.
JBL drops the mic and leaves the ring. Vince follows not long after.

Out back Cena approaches HHH. HHH says this is the part that Cena says they need to work together tonight and all will be fine even though they don’t like each other. HHH says he doesn’t like Cena and would like to see Cena facing them himself. But HHH wants to go out and fight like he always does.
Cena says he just came in to say he doesn’t need to watch Cena’s back, but needs to watch his own.

– Commercial

Umaga comes down to the ring. D.H. Smith comes out to face him!
Umaga slams Smith into a corner. Smith is sent over the top and outside. A chop and Smith is sent back in. Umaga climbs. Umaga splashes Smith in the center of the ring. Smith is set up sitting in a corner. Umaga backs up and hits his bum slam. Umaga pulls Smith up by his face and hits a Samoan spike. Umaga covers for three.

– Winner: Umaga

Umaga stands over Smith. Video replay of the flying splash, the bum slam and the spike. Umaga is still standing over Smith.

Out back Regal, Burchill and Katie were watching the match. Regal reads a letter from Vickie saying to send someone from RAW to face someone from SD! Regal wants to send Umaga. Katie says Regal should send her brother. Regal says he likes Paul, but needs to see more.
Paul says he’ll Show him more. Also, anytime Regal wants to have more of these chats they’ll stop by. Especially his sister. He says he thinks Katie likes Regal.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – HBK in the ring announcing Flair as the first inductee into the HOF.

Cade and Murdoch are in the ring. Cade is wrestling. HBK comes out to face him.
They lock up and HBK gets a side head lock on Cade. Cade slams HBK down. Suplex to HBK. Cade covers for one. HBK is bounced face first off a corner. HBK back slides Cade for two. Cade hits a neck breaker on HBK and covers for two. Cade stands over HBK and twists his neck. “HBK” chants. HBK gets out and fights back with punches and chops. HBK telegraphs and gets kicked for it. HBK is again bounced face first off a corner. HBK is whipped but gets a knee up into Cade’s face. Side slams on HBK. Cade climbs and goes for a flying elbow, but HBK moves. HBK climbs and hits his flying elbow.
HBK tunes up the band. Murdoch tries to attack from the apron but HBK knocks him off. HBK locks on his modified figure four. Just before Cade can tap out Murdoch rushes in and attacks HBK.

– Winner: HBK via DQ

They double team HBK and beat him down. They are about to take him out when HBK hits sweet chin music on Murdoch. Cade rushes HBK and gets an inverted atomic drop followed by sweet chin music.
HBK is celebrating in the ring when we hear – Woooo. Flair comes down to the ring. HBK gets down on his knees and bows to Flair. Flair reaches a hand out and pulls HBK to his feet. Flair thanks the crowd. He tells HBK he’s absolutely incredible. He was honored to have HBK announce him to be the first active wrestler inducted into the HOF.
HBK says no one deserves it more than Flair.
Flair says it’s the biggest honor of his career. There’s only on thing that can make that weekend bigger, his career bigger. That’s to wrestle HBK at WM.
HBK says he meant every word of what he said last week, but he knows what Vince said a few weeks ago. The first match Flair loses, he’s done. He’s done things in his career he’s not proud of and will always have to live with it. But he doesn’t want to be the man who ends Flair’s career.
Flair says that didn’t sound good. Who’s to say if he wrestles HBK he’ll lose.
HBK back peddles and says he didn’t mean that.
Flair says nothing HBK said last week means anything if he can’t face HBK on the grandest stage of them all. Flair against HBK would be real cool.
HBK says it would be his honor to wrestle Flair at WM. They shake hands warmly. They then hug and talk as they embrace. They shake again. Flair’s about to leave the ring and HBK stops him. HBK holds the ropes for Flair to leave the ring. They walk up the ramp together.

Video of Shaq talking about Mayweather facing Show. He thinks Mayweather will break his nose again. Show’s big and agile, but talks to much. Mayweather has speed, agility, the greatest fighter in the world. He knows how to gather the attention of the crowd. It could be one of the greatest matches in history.

– Commercial

The crappy announcer talks about Flair becoming the first ever active wrestler inducted into the HOF. This brings him to the next inductees. Peter Maivia – Rock, Vince and Pat Patterson talk about him. Also, Rocky Johnson (wow, I’d never seen him wrestle – amazing!). Rock talks about his father also. He and Atlas were the first African American Tag Team Champions. The Rock is inducting them both into the HOF!

JR and King talk about the Rock and his family. They then talk about the Playboy match at WM.

Video of Maria posing for Playboy. It’s a high fashion photo shoot. She even got some of her own creations into the shoot – clothes she’s created. The cover will be unveiled next week.

– Commercial

Kennedy comes down to the ring. Orton comes out next. Orton glares at Kennedy all the way to the ring. HHH then comes down to the ring. Orton and Kennedy leave the ring so HHH cane do his normal ring entrance – spitting. Cena is last out and the women go crazy for him. HHH and Cena talk and it looks too amicable for storyline.
They all rush each other. HHH tosses Kennedy from the ring, Cena tosses Orton. Cena turns around, takes off his shirt and faces HHH.

– Commercial

Cena covers Kennedy for two. HHH tags in and works Kennedy over in a corner. Kennedy gets whipped and then HHH runs and elbow into him. Kennedy comes out punching. HHH hits a spinebuster. Cena and HHH tag hard. Cena works Kennedy over in a corner. They again tag each other hard. Kennedy takes HHH down by the leg which he’s holding. Orton tags in and stomps his way around HHH. Orton drops a knee on HHH’s face. Orton covers for two. Orton tags out. Kennedy keeps working on HHH’s leg/knee. HHH tries to fight out of the heel corner but gets a knee to the face. Kennedy drags HHH to the center by one leg and covers for two. Orton tags in and locks on a headlock. HHH works his way to his feet and punches out. Orton slams him back down. Cena argues with the ref while Kennedy attacks HHH from outside. HHH gets DDTd through the ropes by Orton. Orton covers for two. Kennedy tags in and stomps HHH. HHH gets whipped but gets a foot up. Both are down.
Kennedy manages to tag out, but HHH can’t. An inverted back breaker to HHH. Orton is stalking HHH, but HHH pushes off the RKO. Cena is reaching hard for the tag. HHH manages to tag out, as does Orton. Cena takes Kennedy apart hard and fast. Slams, suplexes, inverted atomic drops. Cena hits a five knuckle shuffle. Cena gets Kennedy up for the FU, but Orton pulls Kennedy off. HHH attacks Orton and they go outside. Cena locks on the STFU and Kennedy taps.

– Winners: Cena & HHH

Cena’s music plays and then stops as HHH is suddenly there. HHH is ready to fight. Then Kennedy is there and hits a mic check on Cena, HHH never warned him. Cena staggers from the ring.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat