RAW this week starts with a video review of Y2J coming out last week demanding a title shot and treats Orton like an idiot with the pictures on the tron. Then video of Flair coming out for his match with Orton, Vince’s word over the video. Clips of Flair’s match with Orton. A figure four didn’t seal Flair’s fate. Y2J came out and distracted Orton enough for Flair to get a low blow and a win.

Y2J’s music and the countdown. He poses back to on the stage and comes down to the ring in black jeans, white sleeveless shirt and shiny purple and black vest. He grabs a mic and welcomes us to RAW Is Jericho. When he came back two weeks ago it was to become the champion. He couldn’t get a title match by insulting Orton, or by resting on his laurels, he had to aggravate, anger and upset him. He then had to make him loose against Flair. He had to manipulate Orton. After they went off the air Orton gave what he wanted. He has the “monkeys in the truck” show the video of after RAW went off last week. Orton says Y2J doesn’t deserve it, but he screwed the wrong guy. Orton asks who’s going to save Y2J from the single worst beat down of his life.
Y2J says to take out our cell phones and text our friends. At Armageddon he will face Orton and win the title.
Orton’s music and out he comes. Orton slowly gets in the ring staring down Y2J. He says that everything is about Y2J. He says Y2J didn’t get under his skin. He says he’s giving him the title shot because he knows he can beat him. Y2J hasn’t beaten anyone in two year. Orton’s beaten HHH, HBK and Cena.
Y2J says he used to brag about beating Rock and Austin on the same night to become the Undisputed Champion. But none of that matters now. He might not have been in the ring in two years, but he’s been watching. He says Orton’s good, but he’s also cunning, devious and will do anything to win, just like Jericho.
Orton tells him to wipe the smile off his face or Orton will do it without even breaking a sweat.
Y2J says he thought he’d never ask. They throw down their mics and stare each other down.
Regal comes out and stops them. He says they will not be watching the Armageddon main event tonight. He says they will each pick each other’s opponent. Orton says Y2J will face someone he’s never faced before, Umaga. Y2J picks someone who he’s faced a lot and has super kicked his face off over and over – HBK.

Mickie and Maria are out back, both dressed in skimpy black and white tops. They’re heading for the ring together.

– Commercial

Maria comes out in black pants to go with her tiny top. Mickie comes bouncing out in black and white striped pants with while bells below the knees. Melina is in sparkly bright purple/pink and gold, a different variety of her two piece outfit. The past couple weeks her outfits have not had the same symbol as Nitro’s outfits – wonder why. Beth comes out in a red and black halter mini-dress.
Maria and Melina start. Maria takes her down and then covers for two. Melina gets pissed and gains control. Beth tags in and Maria backs off. Beth motions for Mickie. Mickie tags in and gets pushed down. Mickie comes back with forearms and kicks. Beth catches a leg and gets Mickie onto her shoulders. Mickie wiggles out and climbs. Beth pulls her off the corner and she lands badly on one leg. Beth slams her down. Beth hits a fisherman’s suplex and covers for three.

– Winners: Melina & Beth

Beth and Melina grin down at a prone Mickie.

Out back Grisham is with HBK. He starts to ask about his match with Orton but HBK cuts him off. He says that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The title might not be on the line, but sweet chin music is legal.
Behind them Kennedy shows up on the screen and screams “Shawn!” He tells him he should be thinking about his match with Kennedy. The more things change, the more they stay the same. HBK needs to keep watching the center of the ring as there will be a blast from the past and it could just break his heart.

– Commercial

Kennedy’s music and he comes down to the ring. He grabs a mic and says HBK should watch this as it could break his heart. He’s invited three of his closest friends and rivals to discuss HBK the competitor and man. The first person who is introduced is Marty Janetty. A fake Marty comes running out in wrestling gear. He’s all excited. The next person he faces at WM10 in the greatest ladder match of all time, Razor Ramon. Out comes a guy with a really bad wig and bad fake chest hair. (It’s interesting that he comes out the night after he bails on his – most likely – final shot to be wrestling on TV at the TNA PPV.) Fake Razor poses and Kennedy tells him to stop it. Fake Razor says, “Hey yo.” The last person HBK faced at WM11 for the title. Big Daddy Cool Diesel! Another bad wig on a guy who’s way too short. He poses too.
Kennedy says the panel is great, but missing something. It would be incomplete without the man himself. HBK’s music and another bad wig comes out in full HBK garb. Fake HBK glares at Kennedy.
Kennedy says he has a couple questions. He asks for one word to summarize their feelings about HBK. Diesel says egotistical. Ramon says chump. Marty says traitor.
Kennedy pulls fake HBK over and says he has one word of his own, loser! He says after they face at Armageddon, HBK might have to think about another profession.
HBK’s music and out comes the real man with a smirk on his face, but he doesn’t seem impressed. Kennedy rolls from the ring as HBK enters.
HBK hits sweet chin music on Diesel, Ramon and Marty. Kennedy rushes in behind HBK but HBK turns with his foot raising in the air. Kennedy drops down again and rolls back out. HBK is about to hit sweet chin music on his doppleganger, but the bad wig drops and rolls from the ring. HBK and Kennedy glare at each other.

– Commercial

Vince is out back on the phone. He says Hogan will be headlining next week’s RAW 15 Anniversary. Coach says Trish will be there. Vince says Foley will be there. Coach says Bisch will be there, as will be Austin.
Hornswoggle comes in giggling. Coach leaves and he has Horney sit on his knee. He says next week on RAW will be the first ever McMahon family portrait – Steph, Shane, Linda, Vince and Horney.
Vince calls Coach back and talks about tough love. He says Finlay is out of the country tonight. Also Horney will be in a No DQ Handicap Match. He will face Carlito and Coach. Coach grins right into Horney’s face. Vince tells Horney he will need to be resourceful tonight to prove he’s a McMahon. Vince and Coach leave. Horney pulls out a cells phone – I don’t know if he lifted it from Vince or not. He grinned as he opened it.

JR and King talk about how things have been interesting lately. Video of HHH and Jeff Hardy tagging last week. Then Regal comes out and says they will be facing each other.

HHH is in the locker room and Regal comes up. HHH asks about Regal motive for the match at the PPV. What’s that motive? Regal says they have both been multiple time IC Champions and were the last two standing at SS. The winner will face the Champion at WM. Regal and Vince have talked about how HHH takes apart people he hates, but HHH doesn’t hate Jeff.
HHH says for the title he’d pedigree his own mother. He’d pedigree his own father. He’d pedigree his own father-in-law.

– Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Santino telling Y2J he doesn’t deserve a title match, but he’ll face him. They wrestle and Y2J wins easily.

Umaga comes down to the ring. Y2J’s complete entrance, again.

– Commercial

Y2J is kicking Umaga on the outside. Umaga rolls in and Y2J follows. Video of Y2J drop kicking Umaga from the apron and then flying out over the top onto him. Umaga flips Y2J off him and then picks him up to toss him from the ring, his head hits the barrier. Y2J is flat on the floor and not moving. Y2J slowly gets up and back in the ring. Y2J gets slammed down and then splashed. Umaga covers for two. Umaga stomps Y2J’s shoulder a couple times and then goes for the nerve pinch. Y2J screams like he’s dying. “Y2J” chants. Y2J gets to his feet and hits a leg takedown so Umaga eats the bottom turnbuckle. Y2J goes after him but gets a back kick to the face. Y2J gets his face bounced off the corner. Y2J ends up sitting in the corner. Umaga runs for the bum slam but Y2J moves. Y2J climbs and flies, driving Umaga’s face into the mat. Both are down for seven. Y2J hits chops and then a bulldog. Y2J hits a springboard I missed him doing that move!) Onto Umaga for two.
Umaga rushes Y2J but Y2J moves and Umaga splashes the turn buckle. Y2J hits the code breaker and is about to cover when Orton rushes in. Orton kicks Y2J in the gut and then hits an RKO.

– Winner: Y2J Via DQ

Orton leaves a prone Y2J in the ring. He stands on the ramp and glares down at Y2J.

Hornswoggle is out back heading for the ring. He has a big grin on his face.

– Commercial

They show a picture of lots of people who will be there for next week’s show. Bret Hart, Big Show and Lita’s faces are there with the other names listed earlier by Vince and Coach.

Carlito comes out to the ring. Coach comes out to join him. They laugh and joke in the ring. Hornswoggle’s music and he comes from out back. Carlito and Coach are on their knees and ready, laughing and joking the whole time. Horney goes around the ring to Lillian. He whispers in her ear. She asks him about him making a phone call. She says that for this match he’s hired protection. Out comes the APA!!!!!!
JBL goes right after Coach and beats him down. Ron hits a spine buster on Carlito. Horney grins and wanders around in the ring. Coach sits on the mat between APA and begs. Horney drop kicks him. JBL hits a clothesline from hell on Coach. Horney hits the tadpole splash, with help of APA grab him off the corner and dropping him, and covers Coach for three.

– Winner: Hornswoggle – will help from APA

“APA” chants. JBL says APA doesn’t discriminate. If you’re a McMahon, a Trump or a toad from Ireland. JBL pushes his financial show. He then rips apart King and JR before plugging SD! he keeps going on and on about the time until Ron rips the mic from his hand and says… “Damn!”
Video of APA at work again.

Grisham is out back with Snitsky. He asks about facing Jeff. Snitsky says Jeff has something he wants, the IC Title. He’s going to inflict the most pain Jeff Hardy has ever felt, because he like inflicting pain. He will be leaving with the IC Title. Snitsky then just glares at the camera and breathes hard.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Jeff Hardy and HHH face Umaga and Snitsky. Jeff and HHH tag beautifully together to win the match.

Jeff Hardy comes dancing out to the ring. JR mentions Jeff’s whisper in the wind and that he knows that move. (He was called out this week on his blog for confusing that move with the twist of fate twice in the past two weeks. I bet that’s why he said something about it.)
They lock up and Jeff ducks a clothesline. Jeff throws punches but gets caught on Snitsky’s shoulder. Jeff gets slammed back first into the corner. Jeff gets his face bounced off a corner and then kicked in the chest numerous time in the corner. Jeff gets slammed down hard. A double under-hook on Jeff in the center of the ring. “Hardy” chants. Jeff knees out but runs into a sidewalk slam. Snitsky covers for two. The fans are incredibly quiet. Suplex by Snitsky. Jeff then knocks Snitsky off his feet with a couple dropkicks. Jeff covers for one. Jeff hits whisper in the wind and covers for two. Jeff gets pushed into a corner but is able to move before Snitsky’s boot gets there. Jeff climbs and the fans actually start making some noise. Jeff hits a swanton and covers for three.

– Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff is having his hand raised and Snitsky hits a boot to his face. Snitsky leaves the ring and grabs a chair. Snitsky enters the ring but HHH comes down with his sledge. Snitsky leaves.
Jeff sits up and hh stands over him holding the sledge like he might use it. HHH offers Jeff a hand. Jeff slowly takes it and gets pulled to his feet. HHH pulls Jeff in tight so they are chest to chest. I couldn’t read HHH’s lips, but I’m sure it had to do with the next time they will meet.

Video of Y2J about to beat Umaga when Orton rushed in and attacked, hitting an RKO.

– Commercial

SD! Rebound – SS, Batista and Undertaker in the cell and Edge attacked him. Vickie and Edge talking in her office. She gives him a title shot and they (ick) kiss. Edge and Batista in the ring. Batista about to win and Taker shows up. Batista spears Edge and Taker choke slams Batista. Teddy Long comes out and feeds Vickie’s lines to Edge again. At Armageddon it will be a Triple Threat Match for the title – Undertaker against Batista against Edge.

JR and King go through the rest of the matches scheduled for Armageddon.

Jillian is singing for Vince in his office. He makes her stop. He tells her good luck with her Christmas album. Jillian leaves and Regal enters. Regal says Steph is on her way. Vince says to bring her right to him when she gets there.

HBK is in the locker room getting ready for the main event.

– Commercial

They show the picture of who’s going to be there next week and I just noticed it includes Hall and Nash. It also includes Eddie. So, something is up, obviously not all those people are going to be there.

HBK comes down to the ring. Orton comes out to face him. Video of Y2J about to beat Umaga earlier before Orton rushed in and attacked him.
HBK ducks Orton and then chops him. HBK ducks Orton again and raises his foot. Orton drops and rolls from the ring. Orton re-enters and attacks. He gains controlled. Orton telegraphs and HBK hits a neck breaker. A side headlock takeover by HBK. He keeps Orton down and manages a two count before Orton gets to his feet. HBK still has the hold tightly on Orton. Orton finally gets out and hits a reverse elbow. Orton hits a boot to the side of HBK’s head for two. Orton goes for a suplex but HBK counters and hits a hard elbow. Orton hits a sunset flip. HBK tries to lock on an ankle lock and manages to do it. Orton is screaming but counters and rolls HBK up for two. HBK gets the ankle lock on again. Orton desperately tries to get to the ropes and is able to. “HBK” chants. Orton rolls from the ring and holds his ankle on the floor.

– Commercial

They exchange blows in the center of the ring. Waistlock by HBK. Orton gets out and chops HBK. HBK clotheslines Orton over the top. HBK limps around the ring and then rolls out. HBK tunes up the band but hits the time keeper when Orton moves. Orton enters the ring. HBK comes through the second and third ropes. Orton grabs him and DDTs him into the ring. Orton stomps his way around HBK. Orton drops a knee on HBK’s head. Orton covers for two. Orton throws punches in a corner until the ref makes him stop. Orton gets body scissors and a chin lock on HBK in the center of the ring. The fans are extremely quiet again (strange crowd, or seems that way from home).
HBK comes back with chops. HBK hits a flying forearm. An inverted atomic drop to Orton. HBK back slides Orton for two. A scoop slam to Orton. HBK climbs and hits his flying elbow. HBK tunes up the band, but then flies from the ring onto Kennedy. They exchange blows outside the ring. Orton kneels in the ring watching as they go over the barrier, still fighting. HBK gets counted out of the match.

– Winner: Orton Via count out

Orton grabs a mic and announces himself champion.
Y2J enters the ring and tackles Orton. He tackles Orton again. Orton goes for the RKO, but Y2J grabs him and seems to be trying for the walls, but Orton gets to the ropes and pulls himself from the ring.

Vince is in his office and Steph walks up. He asks if this is about her trying to get out of the family portrait. She says she’s worried. Vince has invited a lot of people who don’t like him – Austin, Hogan, Linda. She asks if he knows the one person who has been beaten up more than anyone on all those RAWs – Vince. She asks him not to go to RAW next week.
He yells that he loves confrontation. He’ll be there next week and anyone who doesn’t want him there can go to hell. He gets right in Steph’s face and growls/yells this last part.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat