‘Fox News @ Night’ anchor Shannon Bream on lessons to learn from her new book.

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream makes her Fox Nation return with, ‘Women of the Bible Speak,’ an episodic series that provides an inside look at the stories featured in her new book of the same name.

Tracing the steps of biblical women – and featuring commentary from celebrity guests – Bream’s new special strives to bring the Bible to life, and to many. At its core, ‘Women of the Bible Speak’ lends a voice to those of the past, while acknowledging how their stories transcend the present.

Now, Shannon Bream shares how these women’s journeys helped guide her own, and just what lessons she’s taken with her along the way.

Q: You write about women of faith, as an exemplary woman of faith. What exactly does the word ‘faith’ mean to you?

A: For me, it’s trusting in my Heavenly Father and the plan He has for my life. The world is full of trials and things that will rattle us every single day, so I need a place to find hope and courage.  I can see how God has worked in the good and bad times in my life, and guided me through when I needed Him most. 

Q: Each episode of your new series is divided into themes. The first centers on the concept of remaining faithful to God, despite hardships. In your own life, you’ve dealt with the blow of your husband being diagnosed with cancer. Can you tell us a little about that particular hardship, and how you were able to keep your faith strong during that time?

A: It was a shock when my husband (then-fiancee) got the call that he had a brain tumor. We felt like we had our whole lives ahead of us. It certainly resets everything immediately. Our faith was a great comfort to us through that time. We literally got notes from churches we’d never visited, but someone had shared our story. People would write to say they’d added us to their prayer lists. It was very encouraging in a very dark time. Sheldon’s recovery was not easy, but I think it’s fair to say we both grew in our faith because of what he went through.


Q: You refer to two of the women you explore in your series as “bold and brave,” and commend them for their ability to remain “obedient” to God. In 2021, the definition of “obedience” as it relates to womankind is much different than it was in biblical times. When does the word mean to you today, and how do you consider yourself to be “obedient to God?”

A: To me, the concept of obedience is the same across time. If I truly feel God has laid something on my heart, it’s my choice whether to follow Him or not. But what I’ve learned is that His way always makes sense in the long-term, even if I can’t see it upfront. Trust me, I get off track all the time. That’s true of many of the women in the book as well. I love that we meet them with their flaws, just as they are. It shows me that God can work through us, even when we go astray.

Q: One of the episodes explores overcoming envy and resentment. Tell us about a time in your life when you managed to do just that.

A: It’s so easy to look at someone else’s life and think they’ve got it all together – or to think their life is so easy. We can convince ourselves if we just had that job, or that house, or that body, or that achievement, we’d be happy. It’s just not true. It hurts to get passed over for something or by someone. I’ve come to see that God has a plan, and nothing that this world offers is going to make me any happier than being right where He wants me to be. I had a gorgeous friend in college, smart and funny, and it seemed every guy was in love with her. I often felt like the boring sidekick, and I resented her sometimes. But she had her path and I had mine, and I came to see there was room for both!


Q: The penultimate episode dives into the timeless tales of three women who all felt like outcasts. It’s a feeling none of us are strangers to; one that bonds all human beings – especially women. Describe a time in your life when you felt alone, and how you were able to lean on God for support.

A: I thought my world was over when my parents announced we were moving 8 hours away during my 8th grade year in school. I’d been with the same friends since kindergarten. I never felt like more of an outsider than that next year. I’d been surrounded by people who’d slept over at my house hundreds of times, who knew all my quirks and still loved me. Then I showed up at a school where everything felt all wrong – my clothes, my personality, everything about me. I was uncool and I was lonely. But God was faithfully there with me, even when I sat alone in the cafeteria. I knew His words were true and I meditated on them a lot. It’s true – He never left me and He taught me to lean on Him even more. 

Q: There are varying degrees of personal relationships with God. Every person of faith, however strong or tenuous it may be, has a different association to God. Some attend masses or church services on the regular; some, never. Some pray each and every night; some, sparingly. How would you define your relationship with God, and, moreover, how do you work towards strengthening it?

A: It’s the center of everything for me. First thing in the morning I read the Bible, study, and pray. I find journaling really helps me as well. Like most people who’ve been away from their houses of worship this last year, we’ve been doing our Sunday services online. I’ve only attended church in person a handful of times over the last year, and those Sundays were so precious to me! I think you can absolutely have a close relationship with God without ever going to a specific building, but I feel such a connection to my fellow believers when I can sit next to them in the pews each week!

Q: In your final episode, you explore the concept of “fragility” within one’s relationship with God. Have you ever experienced a period of time when you felt your personal relationship with God was more fragile? If so, what did you do to rectify that?

A: I think in times of pain and struggle, it’s easy to question God and become frustrated. I’ve certainly been there, but I always end up at the same place: He is faithful. He knows I’m a flawed human being who is going to be selfish or afraid. He created me with those emotions, and I think it’s only natural to express them. It always goes back to prayer for me, laying out my burdens and asking Him to take them. 

Q: Finally — as a woman of faith, as someone who prioritizes God and serving Him above all earthly accomplishments – what do you feel is your crowning achievement? And do you believe writing, ‘Women of the Bible Speak’ is your God-given purpose? 

A: What a great/tough question! I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to write this book and share the stories of these women. If everything in my life was orchestrated to this point specifically for this book, I couldn’t be more grateful for the privilege of putting it into the world. 

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