The original Sin Cara was interviewed on Mexican Lucha Libre show Tercera Caída on Thursday and spoke about his return to Mexico. The hosts talked about him no longer being with WWE and he confirmed that he is now an independent wrestler. He then claimed that he owns the rights to the Sin Cara name, gimmick and mask – not WWE.

“I am the owner of the persona of Sin Cara. I say it openly because it’s all on my side, in my favor. I think that it’s best left to lawyers because I am the owner of the persona I am the owner of the [character’s] image and I have proof.”

This seems highly unlikely, knowing WWE’s track record of wanting to own gimmicks they create – and the continued use of ‘Sin Cara’ on WWE television. The hosts acknowledged this, but the original Sin Cara was adamant and said he has proof.

“That depends on how the wrestler work their deals. I’m not here to talk bad about anyone. I’ve always been a person that goes the route of peace. I’m not going to fight with anyone or any company. I’m not saying that because I’m scared to fight a big company. No, Why would I? Everyone knows that the original Mistico went on to be [the original] Sin Cara in the WWE. So that we would not have any legal issues with CMLL, I automatically changed my name and my persona and continued on with my registered persona.”

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