— According to this article in The National Ledger, WWE’s original WrestleMania plans called for Floyd Mayweather to play heel and team up with MVP to take on Rey Mysterio and a partner. At the moment it looks like the match will be Rey & Mayweather vs. Big Show & Shane McMahon, providing that Rey is healthy enough to compete. Speaking of Shane McMahon, according to the article, Mayweather’s deal was arranged by him after several months of negotiating.

— After partying at the Playboy mansion last week with fellow WWE Diva Ashley Massaro, her storyline beau, Santino Marella, confronted her about it. Click here to see WWE.com’s exclusive video of Marella confronting Maria. Tonight on Raw, Maria must make her decision; it’s either Marella, or posing for Playboy.

— Marvel.com has part two of their exclusive interview with Gregory Helms at this link. Helms notes that he prefers being on SmackDown than Raw. Helms said, “I will say I liked Smackdown better. For no particular reason, I did like Smackdown better. I want to do things that I haven’t already done. I have the longest Cruiserweight title reign of anyone in history—not just in WWE, but in wrestling period. I would personally love for the Cruiserweight title to get the attention it deserves because a lot of times it doesn’t.”

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