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WWE Crew Off This Weekend, News On Next Week’s Events

With WWE getting ready to embark on a European tour next week, the WWE Raw and Smackdown rosters have this weekend off of live events.

WWE is back in action Monday night, with Raw emanating from Baltimore, MD. Smackdown has a live event that night in Raleigh, NC, then tapes TV Tuesday night in Norfolk, VA. The Red Brand heads to Europe after Raw Monday night, while the Blue Brand heads to Europe after Smackdown and 205 Live on Tuesday.

T-Pain Joining the New Day?

Here’s a funny story you can classify under the age-old category of “old white lady” casual racism. Apparently an elderly women in Queens, New York mistook Grammy award winning rapper T-Pain and his friends as all three members of WWE tag team The New Day.

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“I’m with @cb_ep and @akvisions in the airport and an older white lady stopped us and asked us if we are #TheNewDay. We died! We got roasted by an old lady lol.”

It looks like T-Pain took the mix-up in stride, at least. No word on whether or not he offered to buy the woman a “drank”. I would personally love to see The New Day remake “I’m On A Boat” alongside The Lonely Island…

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