The breakup of WWE and reality TV power couple John Cena and Nikki Bella will become the focus of the upcoming season of “Total Bellas”, and reports over the past few weeks have suggested that John Cena’s busy WWE and Hollywood schedule were working opposite Nikki Bella’s desire to get married and have children.

According to a new report by People, what was originally supposed to be a small wedding for Cena and Nikki became “bigger than both of them” and eventually blew up into a TV special which was slated to air as the season finale of the new “Total Bellas” season.

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“The wedding got bigger than the both of them— originally, it was going to be this small, intimate, family-oriented gathering with just the nearest and dearest. Then it blew up into a televised special and this whole ornate thing and it was just too much,” a source explained.

The report went on to note that “non-stop wedding publicity and a whole big extravaganza was bound to rattle [Cena], and it did.”

The People report did echo, however, an earlier report we published today, via Us Magazine, claiming Cena and Nikki are likely to get back together at some point, as “they need to regroup, and they both want to do that.”

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