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A dangerous heat wave is continuing to threaten the western U.S. on Thursday with excessive heat warnings and heat advisories across California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona as highs climb into the 90s, 100, and upper 110s. 

Excessively hot temperatures are threatening communities in the western U.S.
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Wildfire danger will also be elevated through the end of the week. 

The heat will spread into the Central and Southern Plains through Friday.

An area of disturbed weather will likely become a tropical depression on Thursday
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An area of disturbed weather is likely to become a tropical depression today, but regardless of development, heavy rain and flooding will continue across southern Mexico and Central America. 

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Heavy rain and flooding potential will also begin impacting the northern Gulf Coast Friday, spreading across the Southeast over the weekend.  

Rainfall and flooding is expected to impact the northern Gulf Coast on Friday, spreading into the Southeast
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For now, environmental conditions indicate this system will primarily be a heavy rain and flooding event for the northern Gulf Coast and Southeast.