WWE stars Natalya and Tyson Kidd recently spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and below are some interview highlights:

Natalya on first meeting Tyson Kidd:

“For me, it wasn’t love at first sight,” she admits. “It wasn’t until I started learning how to wrestle that there was this connection with T.J. that changed everything. He always would catch me, he’d always put himself on the line to make sure that I was safe, and when you’re in the ring and you’re learning how to wrestle, it’s all about trust with your partner.”

Kidd agreed, adding:

“You become like-minded and understand what the other is possibly going through because you’re probably going through it or have gone through it.”

Natalya on the life the couple has built together:

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“started together with absolutely nothing and we built everything together. Now we have such a beautiful life. We built our relationship together and it feels good because we fell in love having nothing. I don’t think T.J. had $100 to his name when I fell in love with him and I was working as a waitress. Now it feels so good to share the fruits of our labor when we started with nothing, so that’s why I appreciate it so much. I appreciate every trip to Louis Vuitton.”

Source :

Yahoo Lifestyle