WWE star Mark Henry recently spoke with ABC News out of Philadelphia, and the Dallas Cowboys fan made a difficult admission, which is that he thinks the Philadelphia Eagles will win the SuperBowl.

“The Eagles are going to win. It’s just a known fact”, said Henry. “As hard as it is to say, I have to go with Philly. Because they are in the NFC East and it proves the dominance of their division.”

As far as his WWE status is concerned, Henry reiterated that he is not yet retired, but don’t expect to see him enter the Royal Rumble match on Sunday.

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“99.9 [percent]that it’s not going to happen. As the late, great Redd Foxx used to say, ‘Put it out your mind,’” Henry said on entering the Rumble. As for his Rumble picks, Henry went with Jason Jordan and Bayley.

Finally, Henry did not rule out a return to the ring one day, noting, “I may pull a Brett Favre. Down the road, if my body feels right, or if some young punk feels they have too many words they can’t back up, I may step back.”

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