Yes, that obviously ridiculous title was absolutely merited given the absurdity of this story playing out on Monday Night Raw between real-life married wrestling power couple Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis.

Last week saw the two forced into a mixed tag team match against Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, in which Maria managed to avoid competing at all by claiming to be pregnant. She also trashed her husband after the “match” had unceremoniously ended, stating “I can’t believe you’re the father of my children!”

As it turns out, the former Knockouts Champion is actually pregnant, and WWE has chosen to use it as a part of a story as the couple just signed brand new long-time contracts.

This week on Raw things got a whole lot crazier, as Maria straight up snapped on her husband, despite him running all around the arena trying to appease her pregnancy cravings. Man, that was fast… She then dropped the bombshell – Mike may not even be the father of their child at all!


So, how does this one play out? Who do you think the father is?

Personally, I hope it’s Puppet Vince.