Lucha Underground star and former WWE Tough Enough competitor Martin Casaus, aka Marty “The Moth” Martinez, joined The Voice of Wrestling this week to discuss his work on Lucha Underground, WWE’s handling of Roman Reigns, the current state of independent wrestling and more.

On the subject of why WWE live crowds are rejecting Reigns, Casaus had the following to say:

“It’s gonna be an unpopular answer, but everyone is booing Roman Reigns like crazy, and yet everybody else is still buying his merch. So, he’s still selling merch like crazy on everybody, but everyone is still hating him. So it’s fun. It’s almost like the WWE is saying ‘I can still do this and shove this down, you’re still gonna do what we want and buy our merch anyway.’”

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You can listen to more of Casaus’ thoughts on Roman Reigns in the audio clip below, and be sure to check out the full interview on this week’s episode of “Voice of Wrestling” in the video player above.

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