TNA Champion Kurt Angle was interviewed this week by One of the notable parts of interview was Kurt Angle talking about defeating John Cena in Cena’s first televised WWE match:

“I remember he was really green,” recalled Angle of Cena’s first match. “He was really nervous that first night. My job that night was to make him look good. I was going to win, because I was the established guy and the company thought I needed to keep that momentum, but I wanted to make John look good. I set it up with him so I would win, but he would look better than me. He kicked out of my finisher, and I won with a quick pin.”

Kurt Angle continued by praising Cena, recognizing his natural ability and work ethic. “I knew John would be special. I give him a lot of credit; he works so hard at it. He’s a great kid, and when I worked him, we were on TV every week, but my job was to teach him, and he was a great learner. He’s one of the guys in the WWE I still really respect. I’m proud of him, and I’m proud to say I helped him a little bit.”

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