The world saw a whole new side of Juice Robinson this Wednesday, when the normally carefree New Japan Pro-Wrestling star showed up to Ryogoku Sumo Hall with a startling new look and a matching attitude.

In preparation for arguably the most difficult match of his entire career, Robinson actually cut off his signature dreadlocks, and showed not a single ounce of that goofy-but lovable charm as he came face-to-face with the newly unchained Jon Moxley.

Unfortunately for Juice, all the newfound aggression in the world wasn’t enough to keep Moxley from leaving him a bloody and beaten mess, and more importantly, walking away with his beloved IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, a defeated and obviously frustrated former champion was interviewed backstage and held nothing back in a scathing indictment against the U.S. fans and media who wrote him off as soon as the match against Moxley was announced after AEW Double or Nothing.

“You crowned him two weeks ago, and you were all right. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for hoping for me. He beat the sh** out of me. He fu**ing bit me, and he demoralized me, and he walked in and took the only thing in the fu**ing world that means anything to me. Do you understand that?”

“I tried. I went out there with my heart and my nuts, and I fought my ass off. That guy is a badass. One of the biggest badasses that I’ve ever met in my life. He’s different than he was 8 years ago. He took over the world in another company, and he quit because he was pissed off. He came here and he made an example out of me.”

“The one thing he did do tonight, was he got rid of CJ Parker. There ain’t one ounce of CJ Parker in this body right here. He is dead. I will get back to where I’m supposed to be, and you guys are gonna have a great time watching it. Go to hell. These Japanese people love me, and I love them. You get on your keyboards, and you can say whatever you want about me.”

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“I want you to know that all you on on your keyboards over across the Pacific ocean, hanging tight in the red, white and blue – when I had that belt over my shoulder, I don’t think America. I don’t think USA. The only four letters that I give a damn about are ‘IWGP’, and I hope you all take that personally.”