This week on Cornette’s Commentary for the very first time, Jim Cornette speaks about his recent release from TNA! Hear the complete and total story straight from the horse’s mouth! What’s true? What’s false? What are Jim’s feeling towards TNA currently? Would he go back to TNA? Will he return to OVW? Would he ever entertain the offer of returning to the WWE?!?! This is one Cornette’s Commentary you do NOT WANT TO MISS!

This week on Who’s Slamming Who, Tommy Fierro catches Brian Solomon off guard and tosses out the script to this week’s show. Instead, Fierro drills Solomon on his time he spent in WWE as the Editor of WWE Magazine. This makes for a VERY interesting segment. Brian is VERY open in talking about everything, including: How down to earth Shane McMahon was, about a three hour limo ride he took with Vince McMahon, which wrestlers were the easiest to work with, how Vince told him to take his head out of Dave Meltzer’s ass, Vince’s views of leaks getting out on the Internet, his thoughts on the new version of WWE Magazine, his thoughts on why they debuted “Industry News” on WWE.com, and so much more inside WWE details! Fierro wanted to make this week’s edition of Who’s Slamming Who very interesting knowing the world would be tuning in to hear Cornette’s first public statement on his TNA release. This segment delivers for sure!

This week on Poetry in Motion, “The Genius” Lanny Poffo looks at the Macho Man fraud on Kenny Bolin’s Bolin’ Alley!!!

This week on The Bolin’ Alley, Kenny Bolin talks about Jim Cornette’s release from TNA and about a recent phone conversation he had with TNA owner, Dixie Carter!

This week on Inside The Behrens Bubble, Bill Behrens discusses AJ Styles as new TNA Champion, TNA booking, and TNA’s future. He also discusses the recent NWA Anarchy TV taping which included “The Original Gangsta” New Jack.

Joe “The Assassin” Hamilton is back with another all-new edition of Wrestle This.

“Mr. Personality” Nicholas Nice takes a look at wrestling schools this week on The Cult of Personality.

This week on PWI Weekly, a fresh start with a new coat of paint over the same old show, so please bear with Brady Hicks as he irons out the kinks.. Brady dishes dirt on the divas and knockouts, and promises a special guest for next week, Tampa’s own Hollywood star! Tune in to hear it all.

Smackdown has been on a role in recent months. So why does The History of WWE’s Graham Cawthon think that changed last week? Plus, a look at a very eventful and exciting time period for WCW and exclusive footage from a recent NC indy show featuring Ric Flair, Buff Bagwell, and Chris Hamrick.

This week on Breaking Gimondo, Danny Inferno takes a look at this past Friday Night’s Smackdown and everything that was wrong with it in his opinion.

This week on Wrestling Then & Now, Evan Ginzburg on Nigel McGuiness vs. Bryan Danielson farewell ROH match plus PPV overkills hits fans hard.

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