This week on Who’s Slamming Who, Tommy Fierro and Brian Solomon take a look at Edge’s injury, update on Batista’s return, update on Jeff Hardy/WWE, how WWE is booking CM Punk’s heel turn, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper being arrested for DUI, Raw’s recent ratings, ISPW Summer Rumble, future breakout stars for WWE, Mark Henry being pushed as top babyface on Raw, and much more.

This week on Cornette’s Commentary, Jim Cornette debuts the “Jim Cornette Kiss My Ass Club” and announces the first members! Also this week, Jim looks at Edge’s recent injury, Mark Henry being booked as top babyface on Raw, the chances of a vampire character getting over in 2009 with the recenty popularity of Twighlight and True Blood, Roddy Piper’s recent arrest, and some choice words for Sarah Palin! A very entertaining episode to say the very least!

Judas Young joins Who’s Slamming Who this week to preview this Saturday’s ISPW Summer Rumble taking place at the ISPW Arena in Freehold, NJ. Judas talks about having to wrestle Nunzio for 15 minutes to kick-off the Summer Rumble match, gives his thoughts on Nicholas Nice’s Mysssssterrrry Entrant…ENTRANT, talks about coming inches away from winning the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship the last few shows, how important it is for him to become ISPW Champion, and much more.

This week on Inside The Behrens Bubble, Bill Behrens discusses NWA Wildside & Anarchy TV, 500+ episodes, and how the companies have been able to do nearly 10 years of consecutive weekly TV and not lose money and stop like nearly every other promotion, and why TV is so important. Discussion moves to how the companies develop talent, and TVs importance to that, and examples are given of some successes, but how even when talent is taught correctly how things are run in other promotions, including WWE & TNA, can betray the talent.

This week on Poetry in Motion, Lanny Poffo calls from Nova Scotia while on tour with Virgil. Always funny!

This week, The History of WWE.com’s Graham Cawthon takes a look at the pushes of John Morrison and Mark Henry, a very historic wrestling venue he plans to visit this summer, the upcoming NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte, and what kind of feedback he’s received on the brand new Jim Crockett Promotions section of his website.

This week on Wrestling Then & Now, Evan Ginzburg talks about carrying oneself as a champion, risking injury, hardcore wrestling, and more.

This week on The Condafellia Chronicles, Danny Doring has two special guests on his show– ECW Original Judge Jeff Jones and the mysterious SugarMask!

Plus all new exclusive segments by: Kenny Bolin, John Cena Sr., Joe “The Assassin” Hamilton, Danny Inferno, Michael Modest, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, RF Video, Lodi, and more!

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ISPW SUMMER RUMBLE THIS SATURDAY: ISPW returns this Saturday night, July 11th at the ISPW Arena, 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility, located at 323A Fairfield Road in Freehold, NJ with an 8 PM start with the following line-up: 20 Participant Summer Rumble to crown a new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion, Nunzio vs. Judas Young in a Summer Rumble 15 Minute Kick-Off, Crowbar vs. Rick Fuller in an I Quit Match, former TNA Knockout Roxxi vs. Brooke Carter in a special Divas match, Julio Dinero vs. Rob Eckos in a return match with Flash as the special guest referee, Chase Del Monte vs. H.C. Loc, and The Logan Brothers vs. Saint Stronko & Mauritzio Bokara. Tickets are available now on ISPWLive.com or by calling (732) 409-1132. Add ISPW as your Facebook friend at: Facebook.com/ISPWLive. Follow ISPW on Twitter at: Twitter.com/ISPW

ISPW SUMMER RUMBLE PREVIEW SHOW NOW PLAYING ON YOUTUBE: Be sure to watch ISPW’s Summer Rumble Preview Show for this Saturday night, hosted by The Voice of ISPW, Frankie Morales. In this 30 minute preview, Frankie looks at all the recent happenings in ISPW. See clips of Danny Inferno vs. Judas Young TLC match, Sunny’s surprise appearance, Manu’s surprise appearance, Danny Inferno’s retirement, Crowbar going crazy, Nunzio/Nicholas Nice feud, Julio Dinero/Flash situation, Mysssterrry Entrant…..ENTRANT, Balls Mahoney’s ISPW debut, and so much more. You can watch it on the Who’s Slamming Who page or head over to ISPW’s Facebook group at: Youtube.com/ISPWLive. Experience The Difference!

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