Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortaguson Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., confronting President Biden on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

A St. Louis-based Jewish newspaper is accusing Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., of “refusing” to grant the outlet an interview. 

The editorial board of the Jewish Light said Bush’s resistance to speaking with them “should trouble our readers,” since the Jewish community, while small, still makes up a portion of her congressional district – which includes St. Louis and various suburbs. 

“The Light wishes to speak with Rep. Bush because we do our best to inform our local Jewish community about the issues they care about most,” the editorial wrote last Wednesday. “And Bush, during the campaign, took an unusual position for a Democratic or Republican candidate on one such topic: Israel.”


As The Light noted, Bush, one of the newest members of the Democratic “Squad,” was a vocal supporter of the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement during the campaign. BDS urges governments and companies to put financial pressure on the Jewish State amid the ongoing conflict with Palestinians. 

However, Bush reportedly removed any mention of BDS from her campaign website after her primary opponent, then-Rep. Lacy Clay, drew attention to her support for the movement. 

“Wherever you are on the spectrum of opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,  from disinterested, to Israel can do nothing wrong, to Israel can do nothing right, to anywhere in the vast expanse in between those positions, the deletion of that page and Bush’s subsequent refusal to sit down for an interview with the Light should be a cause for concern, if you are concerned about accountability,” The Light wrote. “Support the BDS movement? You deserve to know if Bush continues to support its ideas. See the BDS movement as a cover for anti-Semitism? You deserve to know how Bush responds to that charge.”


The Light shed light on its communications with Bush’s office and how the paper wanted to discuss “voting restrictions; efforts to achieve racial justice; relations with the Jewish community; Israel; and anti-Semitism.” But the paper had not heard from Bush’s team since April 20 when her communications director alleged she was “working on finding the time on the Congresswoman’s calendar.”

Meanwhile, Bush continues to be vocal in support for Palestinians amid the escalating conflict between Israel and Gaza. 

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“If Bush and her supporters wish to affect positive change within or outside the Jewish community, silence is not the answer,” The Light continued. “If Bush is concerned about the welfare of her Jewish constituents — many of whom have taken active roles in the Black Lives Matter movement — and their brothers and sisters in Israel, she should say so. And what better way than by granting an interview to the Jewish Light, which seeks to inform, inspire, educate and connect local Jews on the issues they care about, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the treatment of Black people in America.”

Rep. Bush’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.