WWE announcer JBL has posted a blog update on Facebook.com hyping tonight’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Here’s what JBL said about:

Tonight’s PPV From Atlanta: “Great cardio session this morning getting ready for PPV tonight in Atlanta. Hard to believe during the ‘Attitude Era’ that we would be here in Atlanta and WCW would be no more, especially the year they were beating us in ratings.

The Attitude Era: “Loved the ‘Attitude Era’ but also enjoying being back, I think the shift to a more PG product is good for business. Was easy in ‘Attitude Era’ to take shortcuts and now one has to think harder to get an edge and get ‘over’. I like the challenge, but I’m just an announcer-those that respond to the challenge will do very well.”

Ryback’s First PPV Main Event: “Huge challenge tonight for many, especially Ryback-I think he will do great, but you never know until it happens. A HUGE difference between wrestling top guys and closing a PPV. This is truly baptism by fire. My bet? I think Ryback does well, he’s out there with ‘the best in the world’ so expectations are very high. Sink or swim, lights are on bright.”

* SPOILERS For Tonight’s WWE Hell In A Cell PPV