Jim Ross has published a new blog on his official website offering his thoughts on Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as well as potential candidates for induction into next year’s WWE Hall of Fame class.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns explaining the motive behind their recent assaults on Raw tonight: “Apparently the three men in black, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns will be interviewed by @MichaelCole tonight on Raw. I hope that we get some revealing info but not too much as I feel these three can be significant contributors on RAW but I also feel that this info needs to come over time especially with WWE doing tons of episodic TV. As a fan, I don’t need every question answered tonight and, hopefully, their comments will elict even more interest/questions.

“Count on this…no matter what the three, NXT talents have to say, it will be dissected and thoroughly analyzed. In today’s social media crazed, info heavy world of sports entertainment, everything is under a microscope and there are more ‘experts’ sounding off than ever before. Don’t take that as a knock and if you do… Lighten Up Francis.”

Dean Ambrose: “Ambrose has a little Roddy Piper and Brian Pillman traits in him or so it seems to me. His FCW/NXT bout a few months ago with @RealKingRegal was stellar. I called it with Dusty Rhodes and we had a blast. Ambrose is a blue chip stock and is arguably the most ‘unpredictable’ of the three. Perhaps ‘complex’ is an adequate word to describe Ambrose at this point in time.”

Seth Rollins: “Rollins reminds me of @CMPunk in some areas of Rollins’ game or at least the formative CM Punk of a few years ago. I perceive that as a good thing. Rollins is an Iowa kid who has a sound, skill set, confidence, toughness and is the current NXT Champion. He has a natural swagger and wrestles with a chip on his shoulder which I embrace.”

Roman Reigns: “Reigns is a former Georgia Tech nose tackle and has reshaped his body from 300+ to 260ish and is of Samoan decent, father is WWE HOFer Sika, and at times has reminded me of @TheRock when I first inked ‘The Great One’ to his WWE contract. In that I mean the obvious heritage matter but also the physical frame, intellect, and overall, natural athleticism. We can only hope that Roman Reigns can approach The Rock’s accomplishments inside the squared circle some day. Only time will tell if that lofty goal can be reached but Reigns can be special. Watch someone interpret what I just said as being that JR is predicting Roman to be the next Rock. Hey, I wish.”

The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013: “The WWE HOF inductee list for 2013 is going to be intriguing. I am not in that loop so I don’t know who is or isn’t being considered. There are many right answers as to who should be inducted and we all have our favorites. I’d love to see the great Bruno Sammartino inducted if for no other reason than for his family and his fans. Seeing Bruno step up to the podium in Madison Square Garden would rekindle the memories of a beloved era of the business many of us remember with fondness.

“Bob Backlund needs to be inducted some day. Is it in 2013? Who knows. Bob’s record as WWE Champion is damned awesome even when compared to Sammartino’s untouchable accomplishments.

“Mick Foley would likely steal the show if inducted. Mrs Foley’s baby boy has become quite the standup comedian and public speaker and would be a great Attitude Era representative.

“Is this the year for Macho Man Randy Savage to be inducted? That one is arguably past due.”

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