TNA’s Hulk Hogan is planning his next career move outside of the wrestling industry – he wants to be “the new Billy Mays” and become the best TV pitchman around. Mays was the king of infomercials before his unfortunate death last year, pitching everything from Oxyclean cleanser to Mighty Putty adhesive putty.

According to, Hogan recently linked up with fellow reality star and infomercial king, Kevin Harrington, to promote his latest product, pumMax – a biodegradable pumice-based hand cleanser. But that’s just the beginning, as Hogan’s lawyer David Houston tells Daily Radar.

“Terry brings decades’ worth of charisma and credibility to the marketplace,” Houston said. “Billy [Mays’] unfortunate passing kind of left a hole. We all agree that he certainly has some big shoes to fill as far as Billy Mays is concerned, but I don’t think that any of us doubt that he has the ability to do it.”

“He went into a semi-retirement at one point, but after the divorce and settlement of personal injury litigation he’s putting his career back on track.”

“I think it’s more of a continuation as opposed to a new beginning,” said Houston – referring to Hogan’s previous experience as a product pitchman. Over the years, Hogan has promoted many products, including Honey Nut Cheerios, Right Guard deodorant, Arbys and more.

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