— Hulk Hogan issued a response to Scott Steiner’s multi-day outburst toward him and Eric Bischoff on Twitter. “Big Poppa Pump” believes TNA Wrestling is sinking under their watch and that both have behaved unprofessionally since arriving to the organization.

“If he really believes what he’s saying I feel bad for everyone close to him,” Hogan wrote to a Twitter user after being asked about Steiner’s comments. “His future was much greater than this.”

— Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling saw Eric Young and ODB tie the knot inside a Steel Cage. The Knockout addressed the ceremony on Twitter.

“Best thing bout gettin married is the honeymoon,I’m gonna b walkin funny for awhile,” she wrote. “Thanks to all the @IMPACTWRESTLING fans you all rock,I read all my tweets,I will see all your crazy asses in Nashville.”

The wedding was interrupted by Sarita and Rosita, who performed a striptease in a failed attempt to get Young to bail on his bride. ODB threatened Rosita over this and subsequent taunts on Twitter, writing: “really bitch,u look like a lil girl waitin to hit puberty,c your skinny ass at lockdown.”

— Sarita has returned to Mexico after missing Tuesday’s CMLL show at in Mexico City due to an emergency requiring her to visit her native country Canada. She said on Facebook that she’ll be on hand for Saturday’s Lockdown InterAction Fanfest and Sunday’s Lockdown pay-per-view.

*PICS/VIDEO* Sarita & Rosita’s striptease on last night’s Impact ->