Fox News contributor Sara Carter shares her exclusive report with ‘Hannity’

Investigative reporter and Fox News contributor Sara Carter got a suspected human smuggler to briefly speak with her in the dark of night along the Rio Grande between Texas and Mexico.

In an exclusive report for “Hannity”, Carter, standing on the shore in Roma under the area’s transnational bridge, was able to get the unnamed man to be briefly interviewed as he beached a raft on the U.S. side.

The man had just come from the city of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas during what Carter later discovered was an endeavor to “bait” authorities to his location while something more substantive commenced farther upriver.

“How many people did you bring across from Miguel Aleman to Roma[, Texas] this evening?” she called out to the man in Spanish.

“I could have two I could have four, I could have five – It depends on what they give me,” he replied in Spanish.

“But, you don’t work alone?” she asked.

“I work to feed myself, but basically I work for someone else,” the suspected smuggler replied.

Carter later asked the man who the ‘Jefe’ or boss of his operation is on the Mexican side of the border.


“That, I’m not going to tell you,” the man called back.

Host Sean Hannity called the interview “revealing,” and added that it compounds the national security crisis being brought on by what he characterized as “President Sippy-Cup’s reckless open borders agenda.”

Carter told Hannity that smugglers like to taunt U.S. DHS and Texas DPS authorities over their lack of control and ability to stop their criminal behavior, adding that the sound of cars revving or moving about is one way of taunting the Americans.

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She added that Miguel Aleman is run by the Gulf cartel, which she called a brutal syndicate that has “killed, maimed and left people for dead.”


Prior to Carter’s interview with the suspected Mexican smuggler, a group trying to potentially illegally egress into the United States began having trouble midriver, shouting that they were drowning.

The people in the water caught the attention of the Texas National Guard and Border Patrol who rushed to the scene, while images captured by Carter showed an apparent smuggler return to the scene in a skiff – lifting them back into the boat before U.S. authorities could act.