Former ECW Champion Mikey Whipwreck recently spoke with, and below are some interview highlights.

On his first championship win in Eastern Championship Wrestling:

“He made his way to the top rope or something like that and he would be working on me. My arm would be going over him, and I could do it that way. It was very, I don’t want to say anticlimactic, but there really wasn’t anything to it because the whole time I was being beaten up. It was definitely a really cool moment. It was like ‘Oh, crap I’m actually the champion after this thing’.”

On why he feels he appealed to the ECW fans:

“I think they could kind of relate a little bit. It was just being an average everyday kid, I think that was it. I didn’t go out there and try to be a great worker. I went out there to mainly get beat up. I think that may have been it. They just saw me as one of them.”

On who ‘created’ the whippersnapper:

“The funny part is I got it from Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin when he came back on a WCW pay per view in 1995 or 96 maybe. He came back with a haircut and wrestled Johnny B Badd just in some random match. He did the move with no kick to the gut, he just grabbed Johnny B Badd and just did it. He called it the 911. So, I got it from Jimmy Garvin. Steve (Austin) got if from Michael Hayes, who I guess got it from Johnny Ace. So, it was just kind of funny that we both got the move from a (Fabulous) Freebird, but a different Freebird.”