— WWE.com has removed their statement earlier in the week regarding Mick Foley’s departure from the company. When you click on the “WWE News” tab, the article is nowhere to be found, and they have articles listed since last Saturday. It’s also interesting to note that their the original statement didn’t feature the traditional “future endeavors” line.

— Ed Pena of the National Ledger has an article regarding WWE Diva Candice Michelle’s past in that more nude photographs from her days as Mackenzie Montgomery, Foot Fetish Softcore Adult Model, have surfaced. The article noted, “These are more sensual than the other photos that have been uncovered. A lot of Candice’s fans think she hasn’t aged well in the past year, but she looks young, beautiful, and healthy in these pictures.”

— There is an article on Liar, Liar screenwriter Paul Guay talking about wanting honesty in professional wrestling storytelling, how to write engaging wrestling storylines, as well as his brief stint as a creative team writer for World Wrestling Entertainment. “When I was in the writer’s room, you wouldn’t know if you were being worked or not,” Guay said. “Part of it is political because some people want to see the new guy fail, but part if it is just fascinating because with every word that comes out of someone’s mouth you’re not sure if it’s just to see if you’re smart.” Guay also talks about witnessing the volatile relationship between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman. “They’re both very strong personalities that were, when I was there, pulling in different directions, and it was clear that there were personal issues that were affecting what was going on,” Guay said. {Jim Carrey’s Liar Liar Screenwriter Talks About His Time As Writer in WWE}

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