– Mitch Silver of ESPN’s 97.9 FM interviewed former WWE & WCW star Diamond Dallas Page this week. Topics covered include his DDP Yoga program, Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, which current WWE superstars he likes watching, the recovery of Jake Roberts and Scott Hall and much more. Here’s the interview:

– Wrestling legend Jake Roberts is currently raising money for a shoulder surgery that’s preventing him from continuing his wellness program with Diamond Dallas Page at DDP’s Accountability Crib. He’s accepting donations and also selling, t-shirts, DVD’s, personal phone calls, wrestling training and much more.

An old shoulder injury from Jake’s many bumps in the ring has become increasingly more painful and now prevents him from continuing his exercise routine. Without the ability to exercise, Jake’s progress has been severely handicapped… Jake needs surgery on his left shoulder as he is in constant pain and can’t even lift his left arm. He’s discouraged that he has come so far only to run into this stumbling block.

It’s critical that Jake doesn’t lose his positive attitude and momentum, but he can’t afford the surgery on his own, and he lacks health insurance. He’s hoping his fans might reach out to him and help fund the $9,200 (surgery and rehab) he requires.

As of Friday afternoon, Jake has already raised over $11,500, surpassing the initial targeted amount requested. However, he’s still raising money and you can donate at Indiegogo.com.

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