WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray Dudley was the special guest on this week’s Jim Ross Report to promote this Friday’s highly anticipated ROH Final Battle pay-per-view. As a pioneer of both the Tables Match and the Tables, Ladders & Chairs match, the former Team 3D alumni also had some interesting insight heading into Sunday’s WWE TLC event as well.

One of the more compelling conversations the two legends had was about the supposed “ceiling” that holds performers down in WWE. Bully Ray argued that the company won’t allow its modern day superstars to get to the levels of past red hot mega stars like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or John Cena.

“You never get to go to the top of the mountain, or stay at the top of the mountain unless you’re chosen to be there. That’s not the way it was. One of your best friends in the wrestling business is a guy named ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin — he was told to never talk. What what have happened if he would have never grabbed that microphone and said, ‘Austin 3:16 means I just whipped your ass’? Back then it worked. Now, if you’re not told to say something like that, how can you ever get to the top of the mountain?”

“Seth Rollins has done it all, and can do it all. But why is Seth Rollins not at Cena level? How come he’s not at Rock level, or Austin level? It’s because I don’t think they will allow people to ever get to that level again.”

“WWE just went to Saudi Arabia. John Cena told Vince, ‘I’m not going to Saudi Arabia.’ Do you think Vince McMahon likes to be told ‘no’? If you take the three biggest stars of the past 20 years, would you say Cena, Rock and Austin would be the three biggest ones? Those three guys in their own way, could do what they wanted to do without Vince’s approval. Steve could walk out and still have a job. Rocky was able to become the biggest star in Hollywood, and John — my god — he walks on water when it comes to WWE. He was able to tell Vince, ‘I’m not doing something.’ I don’t think they’re ever gonna let someone get to that level again, where they have control or say.”

“I learned a very important lesson from Vince McMahon one day, that he taught me one-on-one. We were in a hallway and he said, ‘Bubba it’s very rare when the boys have leverage on me. But when they do have leverage, and they don’t use it, shame on them.’ They’re creating their stars, they’re letting them get as big as they want them to be, but there’s a ceiling.”

Catch ROH Final Battle this Friday where Bully Ray will be facing Flip Gordon in an “I QUIT” match that is sure to be an excellent in-ring story. The show will air live on pay-per-view through FITE TV and will stream live for Honor Club subscribers at ROHWrestling.com.