Brock Lesnar is getting a lot of media play in the Twin Cities for this weekend’s UFC fight against Heath Herring. “I think I’m still marketable as a fighter, but nobody wants to get behind a guy that’s losing,” he told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I like the pressure. Any athlete to perform at his peak level, is going to have to feel some pressure.”

Lesnar also discussed his strategy to the fight. “My inexperience showed in that last fight and will show a lot less in this fight,” he said. “I’ve got 15 minutes to win a fight and not one minute. I think you’ll see me come into this fight a lot more calm, collected and a little more precise and not so reckless.”

A source of ours in Minnesota tells us that tere’s a lot of buzz in the Twin Cities for the UFC debut on Saturday night. The atmosphere at Target Center is said to be very rowdy and should make for a nice homecoming for Lesnar.

* VIDEO of BROCK LESNAR Training For Saturday – HOLY HELL!!