The Glorious, Bobby Roode was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week where they discussed a variety of topics including his transition from NXT to the main roster. Below are some highlights from the interview.

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“It was like starting all over again, I was the rookie in the room. I had a lot of success with NXT but that means nothing up here and I had to come in and earn my spot and I like to think I was given a good opportunity off the bat, working with Dolph Ziggler straight away. It goes back to that confidence thing, you go out and you are used to working Full Sail and then you come here and work in front of 12.15,000 people every Tuesday but you have to settle in and the transition itself has been great.”

His NXT Run

“I think I came in at a really good time and timing is everything in this business and at that time I was coming in and a lot of big names were moving to Raw or SmackDown and that’s where my experience came in and I got to work alongside Samoa Joe and we had a history, he was one of the reasons I came in to NXT to be honest with you.”

“Working with Austin Aries and getting to put together matches with Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor and as everyone moved on and up I was given the opportunity to be the face of the brand with Shinsuke for eight months and we started to travel around and it was a really rewarding experience.” 

Does He Plan On Retiring Soon?

“Physically and mentally I feel great and I have the passion back, I love being part of SmackDown. I think when the time comes I would love to stay with the company and have a role within WWE and perhaps help some of the younger guys or pick up a producer’s role. I have done this for the past two decades, I just don’t see myself doing anything else.”