A minor scuffle took place this week at the pre-fight press conference for the “March Badness” MMA-boxing card taking place this weekend. You can see a video clip of the faceoff at YouTube.com.

Former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley will fight Jason Guida, brother of UFC star Clay Guida, in his second professional MMA fight this Saturday night from Pensacola, Florida.

Guida took the podium and said, “I’m really pumped for it. I want to thank Bobby (Lashley) for taking the fight. I’m going to do it. Everyone’s going to see a good show. We’re going to do something March 21st.” He added, “This is for real. How long have you been faking? How long in the WWE? How long has it been since somebody hit you on the chin for real?”

As the two fighters went face to face on stage, Guida teased Lashley again by saying, “This is a real fight. Not what you have been used to. This is not fake – these are real punches.” Boxing great Roy Jones Jr., who is promoting the event, stepped between the two fighters and kept things civil.

** VIDEO of BOBBY LASHLEY’s MMA Debut – First Round TKO! (Direct Link)